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Famicom art.
For the Dragon Quest III and V item once localized as a token, see T'n'T ticket .

A Token is a type of coin used to play games in the casinos in the Dragon Quest series.


Casino tokens aren't needed for the main quests, but are handy to have in order to purchase items and gear from various casinos.

Generally they are acquired by first purchasing some with gold, with the usual price being a single token for 20 gold coins, as well as using the ones available to win casino games.

Though Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation including gambling via the Monster Arena, gold coins was used as the means of betting alone, while the casino and tokens have been present consistently since IV to XI.

Other means of gaining tokens[edit]

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

At some point as of Chapter 5, the Hero and party can win casino tokens upon going through the Trans-Montane Tunnel. The prize is 2,000 tokens in the Famicom/NES version while the PS1 versions and up sees the reward being 100 tokens.

Also in the remakes, 300,000 tokens are awarded to the party if all Monsters have been encountered and defeated once and the book is examined after.

Additionally, the price for tokens in Chapter 2 is merely 10 gold coins for 1 token while near the end of Chapter 3, a single token is 200 gold coins.

In all versions of the game, casino tokens acquired carry from Chapter to Chapter.