Trans-Montane Tunnel

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The Trans-Montane Tunnel is a tunnel connecting Endor on the west to Casabranca on the east in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen


An old man who resides in the tunnel needed 60,000 gold coins to finish it. Its completion was financed by Torneko Taloon during Chapter 3.

In Chapter 5, crossing the tunnel will result in the Hero being the 1000th person to cross. Doing so results in a reward of Casino Tokens (2000 in the NES version, 100 in the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS version). In can either happen the first time or any later attempts to travel through.

Nearby monsters[edit]

Left entrance[edit]

Right entrance[edit]


  • The old man will refuse to take the gold unless Torneko has a shop in Endor even if he possess the money needed.



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