Birdsong nectar

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Birdsong nectar
Birdsong Nectar.png
Old localizations Birdsong honey
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest IX
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Restores the Tsar's voice.

Birdsong nectar is a sweet elixir that is capable of returning a lost voice.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In Chapter 2, Alena must recover some birdsong nectar to restore her father's voice. After climbing Birdsong Tower, two elves (Oopsy and Daisy) had left some nectar behind in their haste to flee from the humans.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

In Dragon Quest IX, birdsong nectar appears as an alchemy ingredient (itself made from 3 nectar, 1 fresh water and 5 sleeping hibiscus using alchemy) and can be used in quest #25.


  • Its silky texture makes for a beautiful singing voice. (Description when selecting the Birdsong nectar in Nintendo DS Dragon Quest IV.)

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