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Gondolia is a location in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.


Act 1[edit]

The Hero and his party journey to Gondolia in hopes of gaining access to a ship, which they plan to use to follow after the traveling merchant who has purchased the Rainbough. The newest party member, Sylvando, owns a ship, which happens to be docked in Gondolia. However, soon after arriving, they find that the docks are temporarily closed due to the upcoming Signor Universo competition. Reasoning that they have nothing else to do until the competition is over, Sylvando, Veronica, and Serena head off to sightsee. Erik, who would rather stick to the task at hand, and the Hero decide to look for the mayor, Doge Rotondo, and ask him to open the docks for them.

The Doge is nice enough at first, but when he notices the Hero, he promptly slams the door in their faces. While the Hero and Erik are trying to figure out what happened, Serena runs up to them and asks for their help, saying that Veronica has gotten herself into a scrape. Serena leads them to the site of the scrape and reveals that Veronica has gotten her wand stolen by a young boy. Erik snatches the wand from the boy and hands it back to Veronica, who asks the boy why he stole it. The boy introduces himself as Benigno, and explains that he hoped to use magic to help his best friend Placido, who has mysteriously lost his voice. Placido also happens to be Doge Rotondo's son. Serena takes a look at Placido and realizes that the child has been cursed. Birdsong nectar would help him, but she lacks the key ingredient: "water from a sacred fountain." The Hero and party travel to the nearby Grotta Della Fonte to collect the water.

Serena successfully mixes up a phial of birdsong nectar after collecting water from the pool in the cave. Then, the party returns to Gondolia to find the festival in full swing. Veronica, Serena, and Sylvando leave to deliver the birdsong nectar to Placido, and Sylvando asks the Hero and Erik to save them some seats for the Signor Universo competition. However, when the Hero and Erik approach the stage, they see Jasper there. Jasper notices them, declares the Hero "Darkspawn" in front of the entire town, and surrounds the duo with Heliodorian soldiers.

Just as they seem to be in trouble, the rest of the party arrives on the scene. Veronica and Sylvando cause a diversion while Serena sneaks the Hero and Erik out of the fray. However, Jasper realizes what is going on and sends an attack spell toward the Hero. Erik interposes himself and takes the hit for the Hero, urging him and Serena to escape while they can. Serena takes the Hero's hand and hurries him to safety while Erik is captured by Jasper's soldiers.

That night, the remaining members of the party sneak back through Gondolia, which is being patrolled by Heliodorian soldiers, in order to rescue Erik. They use a gondola to approach Jasper from behind and manage to defeat him in battle. Serena quickly runs over and unties Erik, but then Jasper stands up again and advances on the party. The Hero and friends are cornered, caught between Jasper and the sea. Sylvando unexpectedly jumps off the railing into the water below, and Jasper says that Sylv must have abandoned the party.

But Jasper is wrong--Sylvando promptly sails to the others' rescue in his ship, the Salty Stallion. The rest of the party members jump onboard and sail away. However, they do not get far before they are attacked by a Tentacular. Jasper reveals that he arranged for the tentacular to attack the party should they try to get away.

But suddenly, Doge Rotondo arrives with a huge crew of sailors, who scare the tentacular away. Placido, who has regained his voice, explains that he saw Jasper talking to the tentacular a few days before. Jasper had cursed Placido's voice so that he could not tell anyone about this. Doge Rotondo had assumed that the so-called Darkspawn had cursed Placido, which was why he had slammed the door in the Hero's face earlier. The Doge apologizes for being rude, and thanks the party for helping Placido. The Hero and party sail away from Gondolia.

The next morning, Sylvando asks his helmsman, Dave, if the latter knows any information about the Rainbough. Dave says that he has heard a rumor that the merchant who bought the branch headed toward the Zwaardsrust region. With a new destination in mind, the Hero and his friends set off on the next part of their search for the Rainbough.

This concludes Gondolia's role in the main plot of Dragon Quest XI, though it can be visited later in the game for optional but interesting events.

Act 2[edit]

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During the events of the second act, several citizens of Nautica seek refuge in Gondolia after Nautica is attacked by Alizarin. They can still be found here even after Alizarin is defeated.

It is not necessary to visit Gondolia in this act as no plot events take place here, but it is worth visiting, as the side quest allowing the player to collect the Sage's stone can be picked up here.

Act 3[edit]

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During the third act, Gondolia is attacked by a horde of monsters. All of the monsters must be defeated in one go in order to save the town; if the player exits the town and then returns, all the monsters will respawn. Noah and Connie can be located here, and the former will tell the Hero how many monsters are left. When all the monsters are defeated, the people of Gondolia return and Doge Rotondo thanks the party for saving the town. Saving Gondolia is the necessary prerequisite for recruiting Noah and Connie to Cobblestone.