The Kingsbarrow

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The Kingsbarrow is a dungeon located to the southwest of Heliodor in Dragon Quest XI that can be reached from the Emerald Coast.


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Erik and the Luminary journey here in order to retrieve the Red Orb. When the two enter, they find that the group of Heliodorian soldiers guarding the temple have been mysteriously killed. The player will receive their first tutorial on monster mounts once reaching the lower levels. In the chamber where the Red Orb is being held, a pair of Grim gryphons are gloating over their new prize, hoping to use it to gain favor with someone. Erik interrupts the pair and the monsters attack, but they are defeated in battle. Afterwards, the two then continue on their way to the Door of Departure to the east.


Item Location
Single phial Pot in the right tent outside
Strength ring Treasure chest on south side of exterior
Templar's uniform Treasure chest in northwest corner of upper level
Recipe Book: Put a Feather in Your Cap Treasure chest on left side of lower level, must jump to reach
Seed of defence Treasure chest on right side of lower level, must jump to reach
Magic water x2 Treasure chest before final chamber

Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Hardy hide South side of exterior
Wing of bat Northeastern corner on upper level


Act One[edit]

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Act Three[edit]

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