Room of Revival

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The Room of Revival (神々の間) is the holy temple in which players of Dragon Quest X arrive after being killed in the opening segment of the game. The Hero has been given the chance to reincarnate as one of five races to reclaim their lost life and undo the wolrdwide catastrophe set into motion by the forces of evil.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

After perishing in Tenton, the player must choose which race they will incarnate as here, with the following options:

Each race has a distinct appearance, starting location for the online mode, and culture. Prior to version 3.2 of the game, each race also had a 20% resistant to one element and stat growth that favored select vocations above others.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The temple is the first place the Luminary can visit through the Altar of the Undeciphered in the Echo Chamber. The male and female heroes of the game are unable to incarnate due to the statues of the five races being replaced with those of monsters--a Lump mage, Kisser, Troll, Merman, and Grublin.

The culprit behind this crime is the Revivalist, a sanctimonious sociopath who seek the Lyre of Ire. This means he lurks in Galenholm, under the guise of an old man at the inn. The lunatic prattles on about being on a holy mission and needs the lyre to pull more monsters under his wing, and keep the heroes of tenton from reincarnating. With the monster's death, the statues in the Room of Revival fade away and the two heroes are free to incarnate as they please. The male hero rewards the Luminary with a pair of All-Weather Earrings as his thanks.


  • The Room of Revival marks the only time the Luminary can speak with the main protagonist of a past game. This is likely due to the multiplayer nature of X, which emphasizes that the player is not the only hero saving the world.
  • There are two empty dais in the bottom right and left section of the room, alluding to the two other racial gods not yet revealed to the player--Jade indirectly assumes as much, wondering if there are other tribes not yet known to the world.