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Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Serenica.png
Japanese name セニカ
Romaji Senika
Title Sorceress
Class Sage
Race Human
Age N/A
Family N/A
Voice actor Phoebe Fox (English)
Hōko Kuwashima (Japanese)

Serenica is an important character in Dragon Quest XI. She is one the legendary heroes that aided Erdwin in his quest to defeat the Dark One and save Erdrea. Both Veronica and Serena are her reincarnations.


Serenica is a young woman with pink eyes and a long, dark purple hair worn in a high ponytail that reaches to her lower back and a few strands framing her face. She wears dangling green earrings, and upon her hair is a golden circlet with a red gemstone in it. She wears a strapless white surplice with a miniskirt, worn with a pink underbust corset that has gold designs on it. Around her neck is a teal cape with some of the same gold designs on her corset that reaches to her ankles, clasped together with a gold brooch with a rem gemstone in the center. She also wears long dull yellow boots and gloves; metal bands are also on her arms and a metal choker around her neck.


  • Similar to Erdwin, Serenica is modeled after a character in Dragon Quest III. In this case, she is modeled after a female Sage.
  • Being one of the reincarnations of Serenica, Serena can use her equipment, which includes her surplice and circlet, along with her weapon.
  • Serenica is seen wielding the Sword of Judgment in a flashback.
  • Much like her traveling companions, Serenica speaks in Early Modern English.