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Sniflheim is a snowy kingdom located in North-Western Erdea. It holds the Blue Orb as a sacred treasure. It is also the place where Erik and his sister, Mia grew up in.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

When the party first arrives, the entire city is frozen in ice. Queen Frysabel asks for their help in saving the city.


The following items are available in the first half of the story.

Weapons: Zombiesbane (6,300 gold), Razer-wing (9,300 gold), Icicle dirk (9,000 gold), Winter's wing (4,900 gold), Spryggdrasil (3,200 gold), Shiverstick (3,300 gold), Dragontail whip (4,000 gold), Steel claws (3,650 gold).

Armour: White shield (3,300 gold), Fur hood (1,400 gold), Silver tiara (1,450 gold), Magical hat (2,700 gold), Hocus hat (2,800 gold), Fur poncho (1,800 gold), Hairy vest (3,500 gold), Strongsam (4,100 gold), Silk bustier (5,500 gold), Magical skirt (6,700 gold), Silver cuirass (3,200 gold), Silver mail (4,300 gold), Magic vestment (4,400 gold), Garter (1,000 gold).

Items: Choker of riddance (2,000 gold), Strong medicine (36 gold), Strong antidote (45 gold), Softwort (95 gold), Holy water (20 gold), Chimera wing (25 gold).