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Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Drustan.png
Romaji Nerusen
Title Warrior King
Class Warrior
Race Human
Voice actor Wayne Forester (English)
Kenta Miyake (Japanese)

Drustan (ネルセン, Nerusen) is an important character in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. He is a warrior who aided Erdwin in defeating the Dark One centuries ago. He also founded the kingdom Zwaardsrust, which is where Hendrik grew up. After his passing, he created three trials in order to help the next Luminary in case the Dark One ever returned.

Appearance and Character[edit]

Drustan is a very tall and physically fit, muscular male. He wears a red suit of armor with golden highlights; the breastplate leaves his midriff exposed. He wears a chainmail kilt that stops above his knees and tassets attached to a wide leather belt around his waist. He wears greaves and gloves that share the same design features. He wears a Spartan-inspired helmet with a blue gemstone in front, wings on each side, and a tall red plume, as well as a long red cape around his neck that reaches down to his ankles. Lastly, Drustan wears two metal bands on his biceps.

Along with his martial prowess, the Warrior King was a skilled blacksmith as well, having authored some of the recipe books for the Fun-Sized Forge that can be found throughout Erdrea and aided in the forging of the original Sword of Light.

Drustan's direct familial connection to Hendrik is never outright stated, however it can be assumed that he is Hendrik's ancestor as the two share an almost near identical physical appearance. The legendary Warrior King was also known for his perverted side, being the owner of the Ogler's Digest which both the Heliodorian general and Rab covet. Drustan can be convinced to part with his treasured publication by the Luminary if he undergoes one of the trials.


  • Similar to his fellow party members, Drustan is modeled after a character from Dragon Quest III. In this case, he is modeled after a male Warrior.
  • Hendrik can equip Drustan's shield, his sword, and his armor.
  • Drustan, along with the rest of his companions, speak in Early Modern English.


Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolDristán
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisTrystanWelsh variant of the name Tristan, a character from medieval French tales.