The Cryptic Crypt

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The Cryptic Crypt is a dungeon located in the canyons northwest of the Hotto Steppe in Dragon Quest XI.


This dungeon was set up by minions serving the Lord of Shadows in order to extract the powers of anyone capable of using magic in order to prevent anyone from standing up to him. A variety of different pitfalls were laid out to keep would-be adventurers from escaping and there is a small prison located in the very back.

Sometime before Erik and the Luminary arrived in Hotto, the mage Veronica was kidnapped while relaxing in the bathhouse and had her magic stolen from her by Jarvis and his lackeys, turning her into a child in the process. The monsters also kidnapped a man named Noah who was staying in Hotto with his daughter, Connie. Veronica's sister Serena sets out to look for her, but ends up missing. Meanwhile, Veronica is able to escape from the clutches of Jarvis's minions and makes her way back to Hotto.

Veronica enlists the help of the Luminary after realizing his true identity and accompanies him and Erik despite not having access to her magic. The group also promises to look for Connie's father, as well. They journey into the dungeon and reunite with Serena, having found her dozing off in front of the crypt's sacred spring. Veronica then explains to the two how she had her magic stolen from her and turned into a child. The four then team up to find a way to return Veronica back to her real age and get her powers back.

They find a root of Yggdrasil in the next chamber, which shows a vision of one of Jarvis's minions saying a password to get into the monsters' lair. The group repeats the password and gains access, finding Jarvis and the pot containing Veronica's magic within as he's reprimanding his lackeys for letting Veronica get away. The dragon explains that he was planning on using the stolen magic to gain favor with the Lord of Shadows when he returns. This piques the curiosity of the party but as they are pondering the situation, they are suddenly caught by one of the shadows and discovered by Jarvis. The monster gloats now that the mage is back in his clutches and challenges the party to a battle, but they are defeated with their combined might.

Erik asks the monster about the Lord of Shadows after he is defeated, but he only gives a cryptic hint and says they'll soon find out who he really is just as he fades away. Veronica then opens Jarvis's pot and gains access to her magic powers once again, but she still retains the appearance of a child. She states that there's nothing else to be done about it now but simply continue on their journey. The sisters then pledge themselves to protect and serve the Luminary. In the next room, Veronica springs free Noah from his jail cell and chastises him for leaving Connie all alone. The party then returns to Hotto and spends the night there.


The party can have their HP and MP fully restored at the Sacred Spring.

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.


Item Location
Yggdrasil leaf Treasure chest in lower right room of the pit
Robber gloves Treasure chest on right intersection in first big hall. Must be reached from other side.
Mini medal Treasure chest in northeastern room
1,000 Gold Treasure chest in southwestern most room
Silver platter Treasure chest in hallway before room with fountain
Gold ore x2 Treasure chest in large hallway in pit
Feathered cap Treasure chest in southwestern dead end in large hallway of pit
Grubby bandage Pot in northeast corner of Monster Lair
Metal king jacket Treasure chest in west prison cell. Requires Ultimate Key.
Recipe Book: Field Manual Treasure chest in northeast prison cell. Requires Ultimate Key.

Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Iron ore West room at first intersection in southwest corner
Iron ore Northwest dead end in the pit
Iron ore Southwest corner of the Monster Lair


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