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Dragon Quest XI
DQXI - Gemma.png
Japanese name エマ
Romaji Emma
Race Human
Age 16
Family Dunstan (grandfather)
Voice actor Lizzie Stables (English)
Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese, XI S)

Gemma (エマ, Emma) is a character in Dragon Quest XI. She is the childhood friend of the Hero and was born on the same day as him in the village of Cobblestone.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Gemma is a young woman with long blonde hair covered by her beloved red kerchief, which is her prized possession. She wears a white peasant blouse covered by a myrtle green dress with a small red bow on the front and a red apron, as well as a pair of brown boots.

She is kindly and sweet, though very protective. She is very attached to her best friends. Many of the villagers of Cobblestone remark that she and the Hero have been inseparable since the two were young. Gemma believed that the two of them would spend their whole lives in the village. Although she is distraught upon finding out about her friend's destiny as the Luminary, Gemma sees him off with a smile and even makes a good luck charm to help keep him safe on his journey.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Both the Hero and Gemma were born on the same exact day and were inseparable as small children. The game begins on their 16th birthday as they make their journey on the traditional coming-of-age ritual at the top of Cobblestone Tor together before he goes to fulfill his destiny as the Luminary. The two of them are joined by Gemma's trusty dog Sandy. Just as the two are about to set off, they are startled by a group of slimes, which are quickly defeated by the Luminary. As they climb to the top of the mountain, Gemma stays back in battles, but will heal the Luminary if necessary with medicinal herbs or single phials. They come across a young village boy named Cole as he is being attacked by a pair of smogs. After the monsters are defeated, Cole apologizes, stating that he only climbed up the Tor to try and surprise Gemma before they reached the top. Sandy accompanies the boy to the base of the mountain so he isn't put in any further harm.

The two friends encounter smogs while climbing Cobblestone Tor.

As the pair reach the mountain's summit, they are attacked by a Hades' Condor, nearly causing Gemma to fall off. The young man reaches his arm to help her up when suddenly, the mysterious mark on his left hand begins to glow, causing it to appear in the clouds. The mark then strikes the bird down with a bolt of lightning, allowing the Luminary to pull Gemma back up to safety. Gemma is surprised by the phenomenon and notices that his mark has stopped glowing. The two friends are finally able to deliver the prayer of thanks to the Spirit of the Land and enjoy the view from the summit now that the clouds have cleared. Gemma remarks that whoever came up with the ceremony must have intended for them to be able to notice the beauty of Erdrea and to take notice of the world around them. They climb back down and make their way back to the village, where Amber has prepared dinner for them.

Back at the young man's house, Amber tells the two that she heard what happened at the mountain's summit and reveals that he was found by her father Chalky as an infant outside of the village as he was fishing, a secret that she has closely guarded all his life. She gives him a pendant that belongs to him and explains that the boy is actually the reincarnation of the Luminary of Legend and once he came of age, he must journey to Heliodor and meet with the king there and show him the pendant. That night, after eating dinner, a restless Hero finds Gemma out in the center of the village pondering that day's events. She shows him Erdwin's Lantern in the sky and explains the legend of the Luminary that she learned from her grandfather as a young girl. Gemma is confused as to how he and the Luminary of Legend can be one and the same and tearfully makes her way back home.

Gemma wishes the Luminary luck on his journey.

That morning, while the entire village has gathered to see the Hero off as he leaves for Heliodor, Gemma is nowhere to be found as she has locked herself at home. However, just as he is about to set off on his horse, Gemma appears, revealing that she made him a good luck charm to help keep him safe out in the world. She tells him not to forget about the people back home and that they'll all be waiting for him.

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]


In the English version, many of the villagers of Cobblestone have names relating to ores, stones, or precious gems. In her case, Gemma is a medieval Italian nickname that means "gem, precious stone".


  • Gemma's Act 3 quest of rebuilding Cobblestone is very similar to a quest in Dragon Quest III where the player must build a town. This would make Gemma a Merchant, the only class from that game not represented by one of the Luminary's companions.