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"Luminary of Legend"

The Erdwin Equipment is a set of powerful armaments from Dragon Quest XI once belonging to the Luminary of Legend, Erdwin. The Luminary, being a reincarnation of Erdwin, is the only one that can equip the items.

Just like Erdwin himself, the set is essentially modeled after the equipment belonging to The Hero of Dragon Quest III, and consists of a coronet, a tunic, and a sword and a shield. Despite the seemingly mundane nature of the tunic and coronet, the set is easily amongst the best in the game.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Erdwin's heraldry consists of the following articles, all but one of which are option acquisitions:

The super sword of light is held in the heart of Yggdrasil, with the game's first act being the quest to obtain it. It is tied to the story of the game's second act where the demon Mordegon steals and corrupts the blade into the Sword of Shadows, necessitating the creation of a replacement that must be forged in the fires of Mt. Huji from a specific chunk of Orichalcum found in the depths of The Battleground. The only tool suitable for the job is The Forging Hammer, which is owned by the Sultan of Gallopolis. This new blade is dubbed the Sword of Light, and can be further upgraded into the Supreme Sword of Light.

Erdwin's shield is the reward for presenting 100 mini medals to principal Maxime Médaillé at L'Académie, with most players accomplishing this in the third act of the game. Erdwin's tunic and coronet are found within different sections of the Luminary's Trial portion of Drustan's Labyrinth; the tunic is found in a chest behind a giant door with a red sigil located on the dungeon's first floor first floor and the coronet is on the third floor.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Pieces of Erdwin's Equipment appear in Ultimate:

  • The Hero of Dragon Quest XI wields the Supreme Sword of Light and Erdwin's Shield.
  • Kirby gains Erdwin's Coronet as a hat after copying any version of the Hero.


  • Fans have noted the designed of the sword of light and Erdwin's shield are identical to the Sword of Kings and the Hero's shield, with the latter even being inscribed with runes that spell out "Roto". What this means for the connection between III and XI is left up to the player's imagination in Yuji Hori's signature writing style.

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