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The Pandemonic Equipment is an optional set of items for a certain person, first appearing in the PSX remake of Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. An infernal mockery of the Zenithian Equipment, the set's immense power is said to come at the cost of the bearer's very soul.

Pieces of the set are awarded to the chosen after besting Chow Mein and Foo Yung in battle within a certain amount of turns, that is lower for more advanced pieces of equipment. The order they are obtained in is shield, sword, armour, and helmet, with a yggdrasil leaf and pair of boxer shorts between the latter two items.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Pandemonic sword (まかいのつるぎ)[edit]

The sinister sabre increases attack by +150 and saps some of the victim's life-force when struck, making it the most powerful sword in the game.

Pandemonic shield (まかいのたて)[edit]

Equipping the shield will increase the wearer's defence by +55, and cuts breath damage by 30 points.

Pandemonic armour (まかいのよろい)[edit]

Reduces magical damage for all non-zap spells by 1/3rd, and increases defence by +100.

Pandemonic helm (まかいのかぶと)[edit]

Increases defence by +40, and cuts the accuracy of sleep, paralysis, and instant death to 1/3rd.

Other Appearances[edit]


Pandemonic is the adjective of Pandemonium, a word originating in the 17th century that describes a state of tumultuous chaos and cacophonic uproar.

  • Pandemonium is presented as the capitol of Hell in John Milton's 1667 poem Paradise Lost, drawing strong parallels to Nadiria.