Symbol of faith

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Symbol of faith
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Japanese しんじるこころ
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Old localizations Heart of Purity
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Effect Restores someone's faith and trust.

The Symbol of faith (original translation: Heart of Purity) is a key item in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen and one of the few items to retain its name from the NES Version.


The son of the innkeeper in the Last Chance Saloon, Hank Hoffman Jr. and his friend went into the Con Cave to find its treasure, only for Hank to experience what appeared to be betrayal, as he was injured. The experience left him bitter and unwilling to trust another until the Hero, Maya & Meena went through the cave as passed its test to find the treasure and present it to him.


The item remains in your inventory for the rest of the game, though you can leave it in the vault. In the remakes, Hank ends up keeping the Symbol of faith when he joins.


This strange jewel can open anyone's heart.[1]



  1. Nintendo DS and Cell phone Version
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