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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IV
Japanese Name シンシア
Rōmaji Shinshia
Race Unknown
Voice Actor Maria Kawamura (CD Theater)

Eliza (Cynthia in the Japanese script, and first localized as Celi in the NES version) is a minor character in Dragon Quest IV. She is the Hero's childhood friend, having grown up with them in their hidden village.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Eliza is a teenaged girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue blouse with a white skirt and pink sandals, and accessorizes with a fuchsia headband along with a gold bangle and two wrist rings. Eliza is a mischievous girl who enjoys playing light-hearted through the use of the Morph spell, which she managed to learn to cast all on her own. Her age is unknown, but she is said to be a little older than the hero.


Eliza has lived in the hidden village since childhood, becoming fast friends with the protagonist at an early age. Like everyone else in the village, Eliza is committed to hiding and protecting the Hero from the forces of monsterkind until he or she fully develops into the chosen savior. When the agents of Psaro raze the town, the Hero's father hides him/her in the storehouse, and she follows them in. As the monsters draw near, Eliza states that she can't allow the Hero to die, and, taking on their form, rushes the attackers and sacrifices her life for her friend.

Eliza's dialogue just prior to the attack is mildly suggestive of romantic feelings towards the Hero, as she states she wishes she could stay with him or her forever.

During the ending cinematic, the protagonist returns to the hidden village and gazes forlornly upon the ruined town. When a heavenly light descends from above, the charred village is restored and Eliza is brought back to life. The two join in a silent embrace before they are greeted by the rest of The Chosen Ones.


The name Eliza is in reference to her (innocently) deceitful nature through the use of morph, containing a homophone for lie.


While it is not outright stated that Eliza is an elf, this is implied through the use of the elf sprite in the NES version and her pointed ears in the remakes. However, her official art shows her as a normal human girl, and none of the villagers regard her any differently. In the Dragon Quest CD Theater, she has ruby tears, which is a special elf trait that Rose is hunted for in the game.