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Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince
DQM3 Rose Art.png
Sprite(s) Rose NES sprite.pngRose PSX sprite.png
Japanese name ロザリー
Romaji Rozarii
Old localization Rosalee, Rosaly, Rosa
Race Elf
Age Unknown
Voice actor Emma Ballantine

Rose is a minor but important character in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. She is an Elf with the supernatural trait of shedding ruby tears instead of normal ones. She has thus faced constant harassment from humans who want to exploit her for wealth. Ironically, these gems shatter the second they make contact with human hands.


Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

Psaro the Manslayer, a prominent demon in Nadiria, rescued Rose from evil humans and fell in love with the elf, and sought to protect her. To this end, he built a small fortress for her far away from humanity's reach, around which the town of Rosehill grew as others seeking refuge relocated, and installed a powerful watchman dubbed Sir Roseguardin to keep her safe in his absence. Psaro paid frequent visits to Rosehill in order to see Rose; he told her of his plans to destroy humanity to free the world for demons, and continued on with his mad ambitions in spite of her pleas for coexistence. His plans went against her kind and compassionate nature, but she could see only the good in Psaro and still hoped he might ultimately be dissuaded.

Before this ever had a chance of happening, Aamon secretly had Rose murdered, so that Psaro would be driven insane by her death and use the Secret of Evolution to become King of Nadiria, allowing Aamon, his closest retainer, to sneak in and eventually stage a coup and steal the title for himself.

Remake changes[edit]

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In the remake of Dragon Quest IV, there is a new chapter, in which the Hero uses an Yggdrasil flower to revive Rose from death. Rose is immensely grateful to the party for bringing her back to life, but urges that she travel with them to the heart of Nadiria so that she may save Psaro from himself. Her tears upon seeing the transformed Psaro reverse the effects of the Secret of Evolution, causing Psaro to repent his actions and allowing the two to start their lives together in new found peace.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Rose and Psaro appear in one of the three possible versions of Reaper's Peak in the DS and Cell phone versions of the game. She is sitting in the Hero's house across from Psaro, and is overjoyed to be with Psaro at last, and bursts into tears. Naturally, these gems vaporize the moment the player catches one.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Rose appears in her tower as part of the second IV location players can visit through the Echo Chamber. Here, she is being chased by a cursed Sir Roseguardin, whom the player stops through battle. The Flute of Revelation was broken in the tussle, however, and a Revelatree branch is needed to repair it. Once this task is completed, the Elf is brought to tears by the Luminary's charity.

Dragon Quest Walk[edit]

Rose appears as a quest giving NPC in the game and also has an equipment set based on her clothing. This marks the first game in which she has been illustrated by Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Rose appears as a major character in the game, serving as one of Psaro's travelling companions alongside Toilen Trubble.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Rose appears dressed in a swimsuit as Seaside Sprite Rose, who is an S-rank member of the ??? family as part of the limited Hijinks on the High Seas! Swimwear, Waves, and Pirates!? event on her own banner alongside Crankiid. She can participate in Shellie's mother's Battle Road as a party member.

Seaside Sprite Rose (渚の妖精ロザリー Nagisa no yōsei Rozarii)Tactlogo.png

Family Rank Role
Tact Icon SpecialFamily.png
DQTact Rank Icon S.png DQTact SupportType.png
Max Level HP MP Move
130 1261 591 2
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Weight
236 441 503 257 50
Basic Skills
First Second Third
Solar Bind Venus Heal* Summer Banga*
Awakening Skills
First Second Third
Tropical Cocktail / Stats Up Frizz Res +25 / Stats Up Summer Banga Potency +5% /
Light of the Sun: When afflicted with a status ailment: Removes some status ailments, 1 time only per battle. / Stats Up
Fourth Fifth
Sizz Res +25 / Stats Up Summer Banga Potency +5% / Max HP +100 / Stats Up
Leader Perks
Raises martial potency/recovery of all allies, including herself, by 10% in a 5x5 square around her.
Basic Perks
First Second Third
DEF +20
Max HP +30
Summer Time: Battle start: Raises AGL, Move, and martial potency/recovery for 3 turns. Summer Banga Potency +2%
Perk Details
Tropical Cocktail: When user or ally is attacked by enemy: Heals with Tropical Cocktail if user or ally is within 1 to 3-space range, up to 3 times per battle.
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Half Res Half Res Normal Very Weak
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Normal Very Weak Normal Normal
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Half Res
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Normal Normal Immune Super Weak
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Normal Normal Super Weak Half Res