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The Chosen Ones are the main characters of the story in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, and are controllable party members during their introduction chapters (Chapters 1-4).

When they join the Hero in Chapter 5, the other party members become NPC characters that are only controlled by the "Tactics Command". In the re-releases, this setting can be changed to "Follow Orders", which allows the player to choose their actions.

The 9th Chosen One is a party member only joining in the Sony PlayStation version and all remakes ao far.


Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

The 8 Chosen Ones[edit]

  • Hero. The main character of the game, who does not appear until Chapter 5. (In the remakes, he/she also appears in an introductory prologue.) The player can choose and name either a male or a female Hero. There is no impact to the story, other than a few optional pieces of armor and weapons that can be equipped if female. He or she is 17 at the start of Chapter 5, and is quickly revealed to be the child of a woodcutter living north of Casabranca and a woman from Zenithia who returned to the sky after giving birth. The hero's hometown, in the mountains near the woodcutter's cabin, is destroyed by Psaro the Manslayer, so he/she sets out alone to defeat the Lord of the Underworld. He/she is the only character who can use lightning spells, and also gains various other attack and recovery spells. His/her status is high overall, especially HP and Attack Power. In the manual and guidebook screenshots, the Hero is named Solo (ソロ) or Sofia (ソフィア).
  • Ragnar McRyan or Ryan, the warrior (ライアン, 戦士). Captain of the Burland army. He investigates a case of children who are disappearing throughout the kingdom. He first appears in Chapter 1. He also appears as a Cameo in Chapter 2 (Inn by Endor) and 3 (Endor Casino).
  • Princess/Tsarevna Alena (アリーナ, 姫): Tomboyish Princess of the Zamoksva Kingdom. She is bored of the palace life and wishes to travel the world. She first appears in Chapter 2.
  • Borya, the wizard (ブライ, 魔法使い): Alena's tutor. He's a magician who travels with Alena to look after her. He first appears in Chapter 2.
  • Kiryl, the priest/chancellor (クリフト, 神官). Chancellor of Zamoksva (he was a priest in the original Japanese). He travels along with Alena and Borya. He can use healing magic spells. He first appears in Chapter 2.
  • Torneko Taloon, the arms merchant (トルネコ, 武器屋): A weapon shop merchant who wishes to open his own store. He first appears in Chapter 3.
  • Maya Mahabala, the dancer (マーニャ, 踊り子). A dancer, who can use attack magic from Laissez Fayre. Her father died in mysterious circumstances. She and her sister Meena seek revenge. She and her sister first appear in Chapter 4, and are the first to join the Hero in Chapter 5.
  • Meena Mahabala, the fortune-teller (ミネア, 占い師). Maya's sister. She is a fortune teller and can use healing magic.

9th Chosen One (Remakes only)[edit]

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  • Psaro (ピサロ): The King of the Demons; final boss of the original version of game. He is sometimes called Psaro the Manslayer (デスピサロ); he hates humans, and plans to prevent the appearance of the Hero. His strength and ruthlessness are feared by humans, but revered by demons and by the inhabitants of Rosehill. When Rose was attacked by humans, he helped by living with her; but he left her there so that he could conquer the world. He sought to destroy all humans and resurrect the Lord of the Underworld to free the world for demons. After her death, he was driven insane, and used the Secret of Evolution to become a monster, but the process destroyed his personality. The only thing he remembered was his desire to destroy humanity. He waits for the heroes at the top of the mountain, beyond the Castle of Death in Nadiria.
In Chapter 6 of the remake, the Secret of Evolution is undone by Rose's tears, and Psaro becomes a companion of the protagonist (a full PC whose actions in battle can be controlled). His initial state is of course quite powerful; all his stats are high, and he knows powerful spells such as Lightning Storm and Magic Burst. Also, he can equip cursed equipment without penalty and without having his stats zeroed.


Though they aren't Chosen Ones, the following characters aid them briefly:

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The Original 8 Chosen Ones[edit]

All 9 Chosen Ones[edit]

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