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The Zamoksva/Endor Teleportals are two shrines in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen that connect the country of Zamoksva and Endor through teleportals.

The shrine from Zamoksva is east of the Desert Bazaar/Pioneer Town, while the shrine from Endor is northwest of Endor Castle. Both shrines are on opposite sides of a narrow sea that divides the continents.


In Chapter 2, Alena, Kiryl and Borya come across the shrine east of the Desert Bazaar, but are denied passage as the king doesn't want his daughter to travel too far from home. Passage is later granted when Alena travels to find Birdsong nectar for her father. During that time at night, Ragnar McRyan stayed at the inn at the Shrine North of Endor in hopes of getting a lead on the Hero that he's looking for.

In Chapter 3, Torneko Taloon arrives in the Shrine North of Endor and talks to the innkeeper who mentions that he isn't currently hiring anyone. A nun staying there mentions it to be necessary for the Zenithian sword to be found and guided to the rightful hands.

Upon going into the teleportal to Zamoksva, he finds the guard blocking the way out.

In Chapters 5 & 6, the guard went over to the Shrine North of Endor to block passage to the []Zamoksva]] Teleportal.

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