Dragon Quest IV Chapter 6

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Introduced in the remakes, Chapter 6 is the final chapter of Dragon Quest IV and contains the postgame story and bonus dungeon. It starts with the save file prompt after first defeating Psaro the Manslayer.


Rose's grave[edit]

Back at Rosehill, the Hero visits the grave of Rose, which was tended by Psaro before he departed for Nadiria. In the basement of the tower, a monster mentions that it wasn't just humans that abducted Rose, but he was unable to inform Psaro of the details when he last arrived. In the well, the witch comments on the elves that have been living at the Yggdrasil.

Traveling to El Forado, the elves mention that the Yggdrasil Flowers will bloom every thousand years, and that they can cause miracles. They also mention one should look for "a place where something changed."

How deep does the rabbit hole go?[edit]

Returning to the Azimuth on the Central Island, the Hero discovers a fissure has opened at the altar in the town, much to the confusion and horror of the townsfolk. Descending into an underground cavern network, the party travels through a strange underworld containing an underwater passageway, pillars connected by walkways over a large chasm, an inn located in an immense house, and walkways over a volcanic lavaflow.

Resting at the Pinnacle Chapel, the party continues through more of the dungeon until finally reaching a teleportal leading to a volcanic vista. They encounter a strange duo, Foo Yung and Chow Mein, engaging in a rather epic debate over the chicken and the egg. Enraged at the party's interruption, they direct their hostility at them. After defeating them in combat, the pair thank them for the amusing diversion, and grant a boon by enabling the flowers to bloom on the World Tree.

Aamon's end[edit]

Ascending the boughs of the Yggdrasil, the party recovers the Yggdrasil flowers; with these, the Hero returns to Rose's grave and is able to resurrect her. Once more living, Rose implores the hero to bring her to Psaro so she can try to convince him to end his campaign. In Nadiria, Rose reaches out to Psaro the Manslayer; her ruby tears managing to undo the Secret of Evolution. Returning to form, Psaro is stunned that humans resurrected Rose and reunited him with her, and pledges himself to the Chosen Ones -- his former enemies.

Traveling to Diabolic Hall, the party discovers that Aamon has taken control of the monsters, claiming Psaro was slain in Nadiria. Upon being confronted by Psaro and the Hero, Aamon states that he expected the two to have killed each other while he seized control, and declares that he has mastered the Secret of Evolution in preparation for this. After a fierce battle, the Chosen Ones defeat Aamon for good.

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