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Porthtrunnel (Konenber in the NES version) is a town in Dragon Quest IV, located to the south of Bath. A port town, it is centre of the world's shipbuilding industry. However, at the beginning of Chapter 5, all these efforts have been stalled as the nearby Pharos Beacon has been giving off false signals due to its infestation and its light being replaced with a dark one. Fortunately, the party is able to restore things to their proper order, allowing Torneko Taloon to offer the services of his ship and the party to continue on its journey.


(Some of the treasures can only be found on the ships and can't be explored once the light at Pharos Beacon is restored, despite one of them belonging to Torneko and the Party.)

All Version (Obtainable anytime)[edit]

All Version (Obtainable until Pharos Beacon is restored)[edit]

NES Version (Obtainable until Pharos Beacon is restored)[edit]

Remakes (Obtainable anytime)[edit]

Remakes (Obtainable until Pharos Beacon is restored)[edit]

Shops & Services[edit]

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Chain sickle.png Chain sickle550Attack +20
ICON-Poison moth knife.png Poison moth knife750Attack +24
ICON-Iron lance.png Iron lance880Attack +28
ICON-Morning star.png Morning star1,250Attack +33
ICON-Holy lance.png Holy lance1,250Attack +33
ICON-Steel broadsword.png Steel broadsword2,000Attack +40
Note: The morning star is only available in the NES version.
The holy lance is only available in the PSX and Nintendo DS versions.
Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Bronze armour 700 Defense +25
Iron armour 1,200 Defense +30
Iron shield 650 Defense +12
Feathered cap 200 Defense +8
Golden tiara 540 Defense +12
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8
Antidotal herb 10
Holy water 20
Chimaera wing 25
Moonwort bulb 30
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6 gold per person

Nearby monsters[edit]

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