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"You're hire me? Splendid! long as you don't fire me."

Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IV
DQIV DS Laurel.png
Sprite Dq4laurent-sprite-NES.gif
Japanese Name ロレンス
Rōmaji Rorensu
Class Troubadour (NES Version)
Poet (Remakes)
Race Human

Laurel (Laurent in the NES version) is a temporary playable character in Dragon Quest IV. Torneko finds him staying at the inn in Endor, finding that poetry doesn't pay particularly well and looking for work. In exchange for advance payment 600 Gold Pieces, he is willing to join Torneko for a 5 days at a time. He's useful in his ability to cast spells, which Torneko can't do himself. After Chapter 3, he is no longer recruitible.


Attribute Stats
Level Unknown
HP 58
MP 68
Strength 4
Agility 18
Resilience 9
Wisdom 35
Luck 16
Attack 28
Defence 25
Spell Heal, Sizz, Snooze
Initial gear Poison moth knife, Leather armour, Leather shield


  • As with Healie & Orifiela, Laurel's Heal spell can be used manually outside of battle.