Tournament of Endor

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Official art of the tournament

The Tournament of Endor takes place in Chapter 2 of Dragon Warrior IV. The tournament is to decide who will marry the princess of Endor. However the princess does not want to be married and since Alena also wants to prove her strength Alena enters the tournament at the colosseum in order to prove herself and prevent the princess from being married. The tournament is six fights long, with the sixth being against the only other person to beat five opponents in a row, Psaro.

During the tournament, the player fights alone but is allowed to use items and is offered to one of their own herbs for use between battles. The first match is against a martial artist, Atilla the Hunk. The second is against a man who uses a boomerang, Quick Draw McGore. The third is against Prima Donna, who uses spells. The fourth match is against the knight, Sampson Knight. The fifth match is against the monster Abominable Showman, who makes three images of itself causing the player to guess which are the real ones and which are the fakes. After the fifth match Psaro is called out, but never comes, making the player the victor of the tournament.