List of shrines and teleportals in Dragon Quest IV

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The following is list of Shrines in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.

Baron's Folly[edit]

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Hermit's Hovel[edit]

Found on an island north of Havre Léon. It is the home of an old man and a Powie yowie. The man tells the Hero and party that the Lord of the Underworld is within the area.


House of Prophecy[edit]

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Last Chance Saloon[edit]

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Minikin's Dominion[edit]

Minikin's Dominion

Siroc Shrine[1][edit]

The shrine is east of Mintos and is inhabited by a merchant who directs any travelers to Parthenia.

Within it are two Teleportals which lead to a Shrine near Riverton and Minikin's Dominion.


Woodcutter's cabin[edit]

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Zamoksva/Endor Teleportal[edit]

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