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The House of Prophecy is a shrine located between Mamon and Havre Léon.

Within it is Nun the Wiser, who predicts the gathering of the Chosen Ones, as well as the resurrection of Estark. Though she is mysteriously killed before she can fully speak Estark's name.


Maya & Meena (Chapter 4)[edit]

Nintendo Version[edit]

The man you seek revenge upon is protected by a tremendous evil force.
Worry not.
I see you are protected by radiant lights....
They are small and frail now, but more lights will join them and they'll fuse into one powerful force.
Be patient.
When you are sunk in the depths of despair... then shall your true journey begin.

Nintendo DS Version[edit]

Ze man you wish to take vengeance on is guarded by a dark force most powerful.
But do not despair my children. Zere is ope. Zere is a force guarding you also. A force of light....
It is no more zan a soupçon now, But wiz ze guidance and nurture of ze Goddess, it will one day be az ze force majeure.
You must not 'urry, Only when you find yourselves lost on ze path of despair....
Only zen will your true journey commence.

Before seeking Ragnar (Chapter 5)[edit]

Nintendo Version[edit]

Ragnar, a soldier from Burland, came searching for the Hero.
I told him what the hero looks like.
The lights are glowing even more radiantly. Your encounter may take place soon.

Nintendo DS Version[edit]

A soldier of great fame, Ragnar McRyan of Burland, came 'ere once in search of a great 'ero.
And ze Goddess described to Ragnar what zis great one looked like.
Ze light is growing stronger.
Ze time is near when ze 'ero will appear.

After Ragnar joins (Chapter 5)[edit]

Nintendo Version[edit]

The time has come...
Now that you, the Chosen Ones, have converged, you shall be able to defeat evil.
Your enemy is the resurrecting Ruler of Evil...whose name is Es....

Nintendo DS Version[edit]

Ze time 'as come.
Now zat you are united with ze Chosen, finalement you are ready to face ze dark evil.
Ze dark evil zat 'as risen from ze depths of 'ell... Ze Lord of ze Underworld, Es-

Nearby monsters[edit]

(Chapter 4)[edit]

(Chapter 5-6)[edit]


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