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Torneko's shop is in the town of Endor, south of the church and to the left of the inn. It is owned by Torneko Taloon in Dragon Quest IV.


In Chapter 2, an old man in the southwest corner of the town hoped to sell his shop to one who is interested in running a business.

In Chapter 3, he found a buyer in the form of Torneko Taloon after the former prevented a fued between Endor and Ballymoral Castle. The old man sold his shop for 35,000 gold coins, and thus Torneko and his family (his wife Tessie and son Tipper) moved in. Tessie herself ran the shop while Torneko found various items/weapons/armours/shields/helmets to sell.

In Chapter 5 & Chapter 6, Torneko traveled around the world to find various treasures, as well as aiding The Hero and company in defeating Estark The Lord of the Underworld (and later Psaro the Manslayer, then Aamon). As a result, Tessie converted the shop into a bank (vault in the NES Version).

Equipment selling prices[edit]

Whenever given a piece of equipment, Tessie sells them for a higher amount of gold than other stores would sell them for.


Name Planned price
NES Version
Planned price
Horse manure 3 1
Medicinal herb 12 12
Packed lunch 15 15
Antidotal herb 15 15
Holy water 30 30
Chimaera wing 37 37
Moonwort bulb 45 45
Seed of life 375 280


Name Planned price Planned price
NES Version
Planned price
Cypress stick 15 10
Oaken club 45 45
Copper sword 150 150
Thorn whip
(NES Version)
300 NA
Divine dagger
(DS Version)
NA 300
(NES Version)
525 NA
Hunter's bow
(DS Version)
NA 525
Chain sickle 825 825
Poison moth knife 1,125 1,125
Iron lance 1,320 1,320
Morning star
(NES Version)
1,875 NA
Holy lance
(DS Version)
NA 1,875
Astraea's abacus 2,400 2,400
Steel broadsword 3,000 3,000
Cautery sword 5,250 5,250


Name Planned price
Plain clothes 15
Wayfarer's clothes 105
Boxer shorts 150
Silk robe 165
Leather armour 270
Chain mail 525
Bronze armour 1,050
Iron armour 1,800
Iron apron 2,250
Full plate armour 3,450


Name Planned price
Leather shield 135
Scale shield 270
Iron shield 975


Name Planned price
Leather hat 97
Hardwood headwear 180


  • Though not widely available, the following items can be found to sell at the shop: