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The Full plate armour is a recurring suit of armour in the Dragon Quest series. This heavy suit of armour has a high defence value and it is typically reserved for characters with a large amount of physical strength.

Full plate armour
DQVIII Full Plate Armour.png
Japanese はがねのよろい
Romaji Hagane no yoroi
Old localizations Full plate armour
Full plate armor
Steel armor
Found in Dragon Quest I
Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest Swords
Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Effect various, see article


The item art for the full plate armor consists of a breastplate with gold filigree details, pauldrons, and attached faulds, all made out of forged steel plates. In character art, the full plate armour often includes cuisses (thigh armour), gauntlets, boots, and a helmet. It is often the standard armour worn by knights and as such, can typically only be equipped by the most physically powerful characters. It has appeared in every main entry in the series so far.

In Dragon Quest IX, the armour's design has been altered to resemble a reinforced set of iron armour; studs have been added to several sections, additional straps have been included, and L shaped emblems have been applied to the pauldrons.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Full plate armour (はがねのよろい hagane no yoroi)DQ-SNES-LOGO-ICON.PNG
Buy Sell Attributes
3000 gold 1500 gold Defence +24.
Can Be Equipped By Equipment Type Can Be Used As Tool In Battle?
ICON-Hero (Dragon Quest).png Armour ICON-NO-X.png NO
Shop(s) Kol, Rimuldar, and Cantlin
Location(s) Cannot be found anywhere.
In-Game Description
Mobile A peerlessly protective suit of armour.

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

A peerlessly protective suit of armour.[1]

The full plate armour has a Defence bonus of +25 and can only be equipped by The Hero. It can be purchased in Moonahan for 1,000 gold coins.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The full plate armour has a defense bonus of +32 and can only be equipped by The Hero and Warriors. It can be purchased in Baharata for 2,400 gold coins.

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

The full plate armour provides +35 defence and can be equipped by Hero, Ragnar McRyan, and Psaro. It can be purchased for 2,300 gold in Mintos and Canalot, and is a guaranteed dropped from Marquis de Léon.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

The plated armour provides +30 defence and may be equipped by the Hero, his son, and several monster companions. It is s old for 2,300 gold in Lodestar Harbour, Zoomingale, & Mostroferrato.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

The full plate armour provides +30 defence, +27 style, and can be equipped by the Hero, Carver, Nevan, Amos, Terry, & Goowain. It is sold in Ghent for 2,300 gold and Amos joins the party with it as his starting equipment. It can be touched up in the Fashion Forge 800 gold to raise the style to +42.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

The full plate armour has a Defence bonus of +34 and a style bonus of +27. It can be equipped by The Hero, Kiefer, and Aishe. It can be purchased for 5,000 gold coins and sold for 2,500. They can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casino.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

Armour made from forged steel plates that cover the wearer's entire body.[2]

The full plate armour has a Defence bonus of +39. Only The Hero can equip it. It can be purchased on the Holy Isle of Neos and Savella Cathedral for 2,300 gold coins and sold for 1,150. The full plate armour can also be upgraded into the magic armour by combining it with a prayer ring and a ruby of protection in the Alchemy Pot.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

The full plate armour is an upgrade to the Iron armour in this installment and is obtainable through the use of Alchemy.

DQIX iron armour.png Full plate armour DQIX Logo.png
Full plate armour IX artwork.png
Steel armour that covers the upper quarters
Rarity Stats Vocations
★☆☆☆☆ Defence +28
Charm +7
Upgrades into Gigasteel armour
Price Location
NA/1,450 Krak Pot
Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
DQIX iron armour.png Iron oreIXicon.png Royal soilIXicon.png

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Full plate armour DQXI Logo EN.png
Full plate armour xi icon.png
A solid steel suit that encases the whole body in iron
Stats with forge buffs
Defence +39/40/42/44
Requires 7 Perfectionist's pearls to rework.
Price Location
2,300/1,150 Sold at the armour shops in Puerto Valor and Lonalulu.
Forging difficulty
Iron ore XI icon.png x2 + Silver ore xi icon.png x3 + Tiny tortoise shell xi icon.png x2
Hero XI sprite walk.gifHendrik sprite walk.gif

The recipe book Smithing with Steel contains the recipe for the full plate armour. It is found on a bookshelf in the Warrior's Rest Inn in the Zwaardsrust Region.

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]

The full plate armour has a Defence bonus of +31 and reduces fire damage by 30 percent. It can be bought from the Traveling Merchant for 2,250 gold coins or sold for 1,125.

Dragon Quest Builders[edit]

The recipe for crafting a set of Full plate armour is 2 Steel ingot + Finest fur + Cord. It can be crafted at a furnace. It has a Defence bonus of +26 when equipped.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

The Full plate armour can be crafted at an anvil for 3 Steel ingots, 2 Grass fibres, and 1 Cord. It provides a Defence bonus +42. The recipe is learned at level 23.

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  2. Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo 3DS version