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"Once the master and commander of the armies of Heliodor, Hendrik's unwavering loyalty was expertly exploited by the monstrous Mordegon. These days, he is the hero of the people of the Last Bastion thanks to his tireless efforts in securing their safety. His beard is his little homage to King Carnelian's fantastic facial hair. "

XI loading screen

Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Graig.jpg
Sprite(s) Hendrik sprite walk.gif
Japanese name グレイグ
Romaji Gureigu
Title General
Class Paladin with Gladiator traits
Race Human
Age 36
Voice actor Rikiya Koyama (Japanese, Rivals, XI S)
Yūko Sanpei (Japanese, child voice, XI S)
John Hopkins (English)

Hendrik (グレイグ, Gureigu) is a character from Dragon Quest XI.

He is the general of the Kingdom of Heliodor. Despite his antagonism towards the Luminary and his traveling companions early in the game, Hendrik eventually has a change of heart and joins the party as the Luminary's sworn shield.

In combat, Hendrik is capable of wielding both one-handed Swords and Greatswords, as well as Axes and can even dual wield one-handed Swords and Axes.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Hendrik is a tall and powerfully built man with sharp features and blue-green eyes. He has shoulder-length light purple hair with a single strand hanging over the left side of his face, as well as a goatee. Hendrik was born in the kingdom of Zwaardsrust, which was founded by the legendary Warrior King Drustan. He has fond memories of his birthplace before its destruction. As Heliodor's general, he wears an ornate suit of black knight's armor decorated with gold edges over chainmail, black gauntlets over leather gloves, black trousers, and black greaves worn over a tall pair of black leather boots. There is an insignia of a golden two-headed eagle, the symbol of Heliodor, emblazoned on the front of his breastplate. He wears a long black cape with red lining, which is attached to his armor and he carries a two-handed sword on his back in a scabbard. The golden two-headed eagle is also embroidered on the back of Hendrik's cape.

When he joins the party, Hendrik eschews his black knight's armor, instead wearing a long padded tabard quartered sky blue and dark blue over a yellow turtleneck sweater, black trousers, and a pair of tall leather boots. He also wears a pair of leather gloves, and two leather belts, one around his waist and the other across his chest. His armor was designed by Jasper, his fellow knight. Like the other party members, he is able to change his appearance with a variety of different costumes, including being able to wear his old Heliodorian set of armor.

Hendrik is known for his strong sense of duty and loyalty to the kingdom of Heliodor, and he is unrivaled in swordsmanship. He has defeated countless monsters in the service of his kingdom and is willing to lay down his life to protect his liege. He is childhood friends with both Jasper and Jade and spent his youth training in Puerto Valor under the tutelage of Don Rodrigo alongside Sylvando. Hendrik was shocked to discover that his fellow trainee had become a traveling performer rather than a knight like himself. According to Sylvando, Hendrik was not innately talented in swordsmanship and trained diligently day and night in order to achieve his skill. His daily routine is training and walking with his horse, Obsidian, a large jet-black stallion.[1] He relieves stress by reading books, which he often does around the campfire.

Despite his serious personality, Hendrik is secretly a connoisseur of the Ogler's Digest series of magazines, much like Rab. His favorite thing about himself is his facial hair, which he grew in imitation of King Carnelian. Hendrik's favorite type of food is any kind of mushroom and his prized possessions are his token of fealty and the Shield of Heliodor. The thing he wants most is a new whetstone. He is allergic to cats and has trouble with insects. Hendrik has trouble imagining what life would be like not being a knight. But if peace is achieved, he would like to settle down in a small village and raise a field of wheat, something which always reminds him of his birthplace.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Base stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 36 99
HP 368 800
{{MP 103 310
Strength 132 400
Agility 53 180
Resilience 61 240
Magical Might 0 0
Magical Mending 121 310
Deftness 55 180
Charm 144 300
Pep boost Strength +20% (40%), resilience +20% (40%)
Critical rate up (critical rate further increased)
Parenthesis accounts for pep-up power-up bonuses.
Initial gear Hendrik's greatsword, Heavy armour, Token of fealty
Heliodorian sword, Cavalier cleaver (in inventory)

Hendrik joins the party with 73 skill points that can be freely allocated.


Character builder[edit]

Name MP Level Target Description
Buff 3 36 One ally NA
Midheal 6 36 One ally NA
Kabuff 6 36 All allies NA
Magic Barrier 4 36 All allies NA
Moreheal 12 37 One ally NA
Kerplunk All 65 All NA
Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Flame Slash 2 3 -- -- 120% (plus 5) fire damage to one enemy Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +3 -- 4 -- -- NA --
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% -- 6 -- -- NA --
Sword Stance 2 7 -- -- Increases parrying chance by 33% --
Attack Power When Wielding +6 -- 10 -- -- NA --
Dragon Slash 2 10 -- -- 200% (plus 10) damage to Dragon family monsters Yes
Metal Slash 2 12 -- -- 1~2 damage to Metal slimes, cannot miss --
Pep Chance +5% -- 12 -- -- NA --
Miracle Slash 4 16 -- -- Restores at least 20 HP per slash. --
Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Block rate increases by 2%. -- 6 -- -- NA --
Immense Defence 3 6 -- -- Raises base block chance to 50% for two turns, stacks with bonuses. --
Defence +10 -- 7 -- -- NA --
Blockenspiel 3 9 -- -- Defend and attack at half Strength. --
Block chance increases by 4%. -- 12 -- -- NA --
Holy Impregnable 5 14 -- -- Raises resistance to all ailments but instant death for 5 turns. --
Defense +30 -- 16 -- -- -- --
Back Atcha 12 16 -- -- Physical attacks are deflected to a random enemy. --
Desperate Measures 10 20 -- -- Blocks critical hits and critical spells for four turns. --
Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Greatsword Guard 2 3 -- -- Increases parrying chance by 33% for four turns. --
Attack Power When Wielding +5. -- 4 -- -- NA --
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2%. -- 6 -- -- NA --
Helichopter 4 7 Group Yes Full damage to a group of enemies. First hit
Attack Power When Wielding +15. -- 12 -- -- NA --
Frost Fangs 10 12 Group Yes Up to 130~140 ice damage to a group of enemies, 25% chance to stun each. Yes
Cutting Edge 8 10 One Yes 157%~225% damage to a single enemy, cannot Critical Hit. Yes
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +3%. -- 12 -- -- NA --
Unbridled Blade 16 25 One Yes 290%~310% damage to a single enemy, cannot Critical Hit. Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +10. -- 10 -- -- NA --
Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Attack Power When Wielding +5. -- 4 -- -- -- --
Helm Splitter 3 6 -- Yes 120% damage, 50% chance to lower a foe's Defence by 50%. Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +10. -- 7 -- -- -- --
Parallax 10 9 -- Yes 300% damage, 25% chance to Paralyse a foe. Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +20. -- 13 -- -- -- --
Scrap Mettle 9 16 -- Yes 150% damage, 50% chance to lower target's Defence by 75%. Yes
Hatchet Man 4 16 -- No 50% chance to land a Critical Hit, unaffected by Dazzle or Evasion. No
Axes of Evil 16 20 -- Yes 220% damage, no reduction to multiple foes. First hit
Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Blind Man's Biff 8 12 -- Yes Up to 280% damage to a random enemy. Yes
Resilience +20 -- 12 -- -- -- --
Strength +20 -- 14 -- -- -- --
Double Up 4 16 -- Yes Raises attack by 50% and lowers Defence by 50%. --
Falcon Slash 4 16 -- Yes Slash twice at full power for 200% damage. Yes
Double-Edged Slash 6 20 -- Yes 320% damage, user takes 32% recoil damage. Yes
Gyrfalcon Slash 16 20 -- Yes Slash four times at full power for 400% damage. First hit
A Cut Above 8 25 -- Yes Six strikes at a single enemy for 300% damage. First hit
Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Resilience +20 -- 12 -- -- -- --
Magical Mending +20 -- 12 -- -- -- --
H-Pathy 0 14 -- -- Transfer 30% of current HP to ally. --
Defending Champion 2 16 -- -- Reduces all damage by 90% for one turn. --
Forbearance 0 16 -- -- Covers the party for one turn.. --
Kazing 24 20 -- -- Restore one ally to life. --
Hurt Converter 16 20 -- -- Recovers 50% of damage dealt to an enemy for four turns. --
Pep chance +10% -- 20 -- -- -- --
Dragon Quest XI (S: Deffinitive Edition) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Cypress stick Attack +7
Soldier's sword Attack +9
Copper sword Attack +13
Copper chopper Attack +15
Bronze sword Attack +16
Broad sword Attack +20
Iron broadsword Attack +20
Rapier Attack +24
Cast-iron claymore Attack +28
Bandit blade Attack +30
Silver rapier Attack +32
Steel broadsword Attack +35
Cautery sword Attack +42
Broader sword Attack +43
Falcon blade Attack +45
Black blade Attack +49
Zombiesbane Attack +54
Platinum sword Attack +60
Bastard sword Attack +61
Heliodorian sword Attack +61
Cavalier cleaver Attack +64
Zombie slayer Attack +65
Aurora blade Attack +70
Dragonsbane Attack +72
Ice axe Attack +72
Carbon steel claymore Attack +78
Fizzle foil Attack +80
King axe Attack +80
Miracle sword Attack +80
Metal slime sword Attack +84
Obliteratoriser Attack +85
Kaiser axe Attack +86
Fire blade Attack +87
Banishing blade Attack +91
Hendrik's greatsword Attack +91
Avalanche axe Attack +93
Liquid metal sword Attack +93
Razer-wing Attack +93
Über falcon blade Attack +94
Dragon slayer Attack +96
Stardust sword Attack +96
Overlord's axe Attack +100
Bad axe Attack +106
Platinum powersword Attack +108
Conqueror's axe Attack +111
Inferno blade Attack +111
Thunderstorm sword Attack +111
Nightcleaver Attack +115
Maxi axe Attack +123
Nebula sword Attack +123
Demonsbane Attack +124
Wyrmfang Attack +131
Apollo's axe Attack +135
Über miracle sword Attack +135
Lord's sword Attack +144
Brimstone blade Attack +145
Climaxe Attack +147
Supernova sword Attack +147
Sword of judgement Attack +150
Metal gooreatsword Attack +151
Aristocrat's axe Attack +158
Kairos cleaver Attack +160
Metal king sword Attack +161
Drustan's sword Attack +163
Liquid metal gooreatsword Attack +167
Galaxy axe Attack +182
Hypernova sword Attack +182
Skysteed sword Attack +199
Legate's blade Attack +243
Berserker's blade Attack +277
Metal king gooreatsword Attack +285
Brilliant blade Attack +327

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Bandana Defense +1
Leather hat Defense +3
Pointy hat Defense +5
Feathered cap Defense +8
Turban Defense +12
Stone hardhat Defense +15
Iron helmet Defense +16
Fur hood Defense +18
Bronze helmet Defense +18
Malleable mask Defense +19
Hermes' hat Defense +20
Mercury's bandana Defense +23
Iron mask Defense +25
Steel helmet Defense +25
Happy hat Defense +31
Iron headgear Defense +32
Papillon mask Defense +33
Warrior's helm Defense +35
Platinum headgear Defense +36
Hades' helm Defense +37
Thinking cap Defense +38
Mythril helm Defense +38
Metal slime helm Defense +39
Dragon bandana Defense +41
Raging bull helm Defense +42
Great helm Defense +46
Liquid metal helm Defense +49
Autumn shower hat Defense +51
Spring breeze hat Defense +51
Summer cloud hat Defense +51
Phantom mask Defense +51
Winter sky hat Defense +51
Heavenly helm Defense +62
Metal king helm Defense +63
Drustan's helm Defense +77

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain clothes Defense +4
Arriviste's vest Defense +5
Elevating vest Defense +5
Vest for success Defense +5
Wayfarer's clothes Defense +7
Leather armour Defense +11
Templar's uniform Defense +13
Scale armour Defense +16
Chain mail Defense +20
Bronze armour Defense +24
Iron cuirass Defense +25
Fur poncho Defense +29
Iron armour Defense +32
Tortoise shell Defense +37
Hairy vest Defense +38
Full plate armour Defense +39
Glombolero Defense +40
Smart suit Defense +40
Silver cuirass Defense +42
Zombie mail Defense +42
Prince's pea coat Defense +44
Posh waistcoat Defense +48
Silver mail Defense +48
Heavy armour Defense +52
King's coat Defense +53
Magic armour Defense +55
Dragon mail Defense +60
Emperor's attire Defense +61
Platinum mail Defense +63
Brigandine Defense +66
Twinkling tuxedo Defense +67
Spiked armour Defense +68
Liquid metal jacket Defense +70
Dancer's mail Defense +72
Sir hendrik's armour Defense +77
Metal slime armour Defense +79
Bandit mail Defense +80
General's jacket Defense +86
Gigant armour Defense +90
Liquid metal armour Defense +97
Mirror armour Defense +98
Sacred armour Defense +100
Metal king jacket Defense +101
Legendary armour Defense +120
Field marshal's finery Defense +123
Metal king armour Defense +126
Drustan's armour Defense +150

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Pot lid Defense +2
Leather shield Defense +4
Scale shield Defense +7
Silver platter Defense +8
Bronze shield Defense +10
Gold platter Defense +12
Iron shield Defense +15
Light shield Defense +17
Platinum platter Defense +20
Steel shield Defense +22
White shield Defense +24
Platinum shield Defense +25
Magic shield Defense +27
Dragon shield Defense +30
Shield of heliodor Defense +32
Enchanted shield Defense +33
Ice shield Defense +33
Ethereal shield Defense +36
Warrior's shield Defense +37
Dark shield Defense +38
Metal slime shield Defense +39
Flame shield Defense +40
Liquid metal shield Defense +44
Brain drainer Defense +45
Ogre shield Defense +45
Saintess shield Defense +46
Silver shield Defense +51
Psyche swiper Defense +52
Ruinous shield Defense +52
Devilry drinker Defense +63
Goddess shield Defense +64
Soul sucker Defense +73
Drustan's shield Defense +74
Metal king shield Defense +75

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Aerofoil earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Agility ring Defense +5
Agility +17
All-weather earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Angel's sandals Agility +25
Anti-freeze earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Archangel's boots Defense +25
Asbestos earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Assasin Critical +1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Blackout earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Bling-bling belt Defense +2
Charm +11
Bow tie Defense +2
Charm +10
Brainy bracer M. Might +20
M. Mend +20
Brigand's mitts Defense +6
Deftness +32
Bunny tail Defense +7
Caligae of clarity M. Mend +20
Care ring Defense +5
Carer rivière Defense +3
Catholicon ring Defense +5
Choker of riddance Defense +3
Cinderblock earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Concrete earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Devil's tail Defense +2
Agility +10
Dogged collar Defense +4
Attack +8
Dragon scale Defense +8
Attack +9
Earthwyrm's eye Defense +7
HP +16
Charm +35
Elfin charm Defense +10
Field marshal's footwear HP +25
Agility +33
Defense +35
Charm +39
Freebooter's gloves Defense +48
Full moon collar Defense +3
Full moon ring Defense +5
General's jackboots Defense +15
HP +17
Agility +30
Charm +20
Gloomy gloves Deftness +22
Gold bracer Defense +4
Charm +6
Gold chain Defense +1
HP +5
Charm +5
Gold ring Defense +5
Charm +8
Gold rosary M. Might +5
M. Mend +5
Guru's gloves M. Might +17
M. Mend +17
Deftness +40
Healer Defense +2
Charm +5
Holy talisman Defense +5
Life bracer Defense +3
HP +30
Life ring Defense +5
HP +5
Lucky dragon's wing Defense +7
Meteorite bracer Defense +100
Mighty armlet Attack +15
Minister's mitts M. Mend +20
Deftness +48
Mirror earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Monarch mark Defense +10
M. Might +30
M. Mend +30
Murky mittens Deftness +32
Mystic Defense +2
Charm +5
Necklace of immunity Defense +3
Papillon pendant Defense +3
HP +10
MP +10
Pink pearl ring Defense +5
MP +10
Charm +10
Prayer ring Defense +5
Charm +10
Protective pendant Defense +3
Ring of clarity Defense +5
Ring of immunity Defense +5
Ring of riddance Defense +5
Ring of truth Defense +5
Rosary M. Mend +6
MP +8
Rousing ring Defense +5
Rousing rose collar Defense +3
Rubber earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Rubber gloves Defense +3
Deftness +12
Ruby of protection Defense +16
Safety goggles Defense +3
Scholar's specs M. Might +15
M. Mend +15
Charm +15
Shield-bearer Block +1%
Parry +1%
Charm +5
Defense +10
Skull ring Defense +5
Slime earrings Defense +2
Charm +6
Sorcerer's ring Defense +5
MP +10
Sorcerer's stone M. Mend +13
M. Might +14
Sovereign seal Defense +7
Charm +35
Springheel boots Defense +25
Spirit bracer Defense +7
MP +30
Star of clarity Defense +3
Strength ring Attack +5
Supplicant Defense +2
Charm +5
Titan belt Defense +5
Attack +12
Token of fealty HP +10
Charm +20
Tough guy tattoo Attack +8
Torc of truth Defense +3
Trickster Evasion+1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Utility belt Defense +2
Deftness +15
Vanguard Defense +2
Charm +5
Agility +10
Venus' tear Defense +7
Charm +35
Warlock Defense +2
M. Might +3
M. Mend +3
Charm +5
Wings of serendipity Defense +5
Charm +20
Wristorative Defense +7

Shypox dialogue[edit]

Warning: Spoilers!
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  • Hendrik recalls how he used to sleep cuddling a slime doll when he was little…
  • Hendrik notices that his beard is full of breadcrumbs from last night’s dinner…
  • Hendrik remembers staying up all night practising his autograph when he was made a general…
  • Hendrik recalls shrieking aloud when an insect landed on his cheek…
  • Hendrik remembers crying his eyes out after losing a fight with a friend long ago…
  • Hendrik recalls eating some bad fish in Puerto Valor with…very distressing consequences…
  • Hendrik recalls a young Jade laughing at him when he jumped at seeing an insect…
  • Hendrik recalls a friend laughing at a daring outfit he once wore…
  • Hendrik realises there’s an Ogler’s Digest poking out of his pocket…
  • Hendrik sheds a tear at the thought of his beloved horse, Obsidian…
  • Hendrik recalls how stiff he was in his youth…
  • Hendrik remembers being scolded by the castle cook for stealing food from the kitchen long ago…
  • Hendrik recalls thinking ‘Widow’s Peak’ was the name of a mountain when he was younger…
  • Hendrik makes a ridiculous face trying to hold back a sneeze…
  • Hendrik suddenly becomes self-conscious about how loud his voice is…
  • Hendrik realises he’s taking this battle far too seriously…
  • Hendrik takes another look at the outfit he’s wearing…
  • Out of nowhere, Hendrik’s face suddenly turns bright red!
  • Hendrik thinks over some of the ‘cool’ spell names he came up with as a kid…
  • Hendrik feels the enemy staring into his very soul…
  • Hendrik comes over all ticklish and starts giggling…
  • Hendrik thinks about a soppy poem he wrote when he was younger…
  • Hendrik notices that he’s got some food stuck in his teeth!
  • Hendrik’s eyes meet the enemy’s, and he’s suddenly strangely flustered…
  • Hendrik realises that his flies are undone!
  • Hendrik remembers the time his mum got mad when he wet the bed…
  • Hendrik suddenly becomes convinced he might have wet himself…
  • Suddenly, all Hendrik can think of is puff-puffs!
  • Hendrik catches himself thinking he might be kind of handsome…
  • The elastic in Hendrik’s pants suddenly snaps with a twang!
  • Hendrik suddenly remembers the time when he slipped up on some horse poo…
  • A particularly racy Ogler’s Digest cover suddenly pops into Hendrik’s head, and he giggles sheepishly…


Hendrik's Japanese name, Graig, is a variation on the name Greg, itself is a shortened form of the English name Gregory. It is the English form of the Latin Gregorius, from the Late Greek name Γρηγόριος (Gregorios), which meant "watchful, alert". This is fitting as Hendrik's role as both the general of Helidior and as the sworn shield of the Luminary. Hendrik is the Dutch and Estonian cognate of the English name Henry. Henry is derived from the Germanic name Heinrich which meant "home ruler".


  • In the international fan poll for Dragon Quest XI that was released by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Hendrik was ranked the sixth most popular character in the game, with a total of 280 votes.
  • He is the tallest member of the party at 200 cm, or roughly 6 feet and 6 inches tall, and he weighs 95 kg, or 209 pounds.
  • When Hendrik is afflicted by Sultry Dance, he performs a traditional Ondō dance from Zwaardsrust which he learned from his father. It is a lively summer festival dance where he claps his hands and swings around his arms. The dance is similar to a Tankō Bushi dance, which can be performed at the Japanese Buddhist festival of Obon.
  • It is unknown what possible blood relation Hendrik has with Drustan, but it is likely that he is Drustan's descendant as the two have a near identical physical appearance and Hendrik is able to equip the Warrior King's armor and use his armaments.
  • Each of the Luminary's companions represents one of the classes in Dragon Quest III. Hendrik represents the Warrior. His spells reflect the common practice of having a Warrior spend time as a Priest for greater utility.