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Helichopter is a recurring greatsword skill in the Dragon Quest series. It allows the user to damage a group of enemies by swinging their weapon in a wide circular motion.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Helichopter can be learned by Warriors, Gladiators and Monster Masters by investing 35 points into their Greatswords skill. It costs 4 MP to perform, and it deals normal damage to all enemies in the immediate vicinity around the user. In Version 3.4 of the game, Helichopter now deals 168% of normal attack damage.

  • In the Offline version of the game, the Hero and Hussar can learn Helichopter through the Greatswords panel in their character builders for 5 skill points, with Hussar already knowing the skill when he joins the party. It deals 168% normal attack damage to a single group of enemies. The damage can be increased further with skill-up panels.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Hero and Hendrik can learn Helichopter through Greatswords panel in their character builders for 7 skill points, costing 4 MP to use. It consistently deals the same amount of damage as a normal attack to a group of enemies.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

Helichopter (ぶんまわし Bunmawashi)Dragon Quest of the Stars English logo.png
Ability information
Type & Rank Target CT Restriction
DQotS Red C.png All Enemies. 20s DQotS Sword.png
A 125% potency attack.
How to obtain
Warrior's Sword

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Helichopter is known naturally by Brownie, Green dragon, Hammerhood, Hoodlum, Mandrake mercenary, Troll, and Wooper trooper at level 1 and can be learned by Golem and Wild beast at level 16. It costs 7 MP to use and inflicts 110% potency physical damage to all enemies in a radius of 1 around the user. Helichopter can also be taught to any unit by using an ability scroll.

There are also several variations of the skill that deal elemental damage, including Burning Helichopter, Firetwister, Frigidtwister, Lightning Whorl, Booming Helichopter, and Hellichopter.

Helichopter (ぶんまわし Bunmawashi)Tactlogo.png
Ability information
Role * Type * Element MP cost
Attack Physical DQTact Non-elemental.png 7
Range Additional effects
DQTact SkillRangeRadial.png
Radius 1
Deals physical damage (110% potency) to all enemies in area of effect
Naturally learnt by
Brownie, Golem, Green dragon, Hammerhood, Hoodlum, Mandrake mercenary, Troll, Wild beast, Wooper trooper

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds[edit]

Helichopter was an axe skill for Crocodine and the Luminary Leader as a Warrior wielding an axe. It would deal physical Slash damage in a medium area of effect.

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  • One of the definitions for Helichopter's Japanese name Bunmawashi (ぶんまわし) is an archaic term for a compass used to draw circles. They were originally imported from Portugal. It can also refer to a revolving stage that is used in Kabuki theater.