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Aquawall is a protective skill that appears in Dragon Quest Monsters 2, and the psx port Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2. It is learned by sea monsters, and defends the user from assault and debilitation once.


Aquawall costs 5 MP and raises a cascade curtain in front of the user that protects them from physical attacks, attack spells, status ailment skills and spells, and breath attacks once per use meaning that if the enemy monster all cast Fuddle only the first usage will be blocked. Additionally, the skill does not prevent one-turn stun abilities from taking effect.

Aquawall is learned by Aquamarine hawk, Incineraytor, Thriller wave once the respective monster's level is 20 with an HP of 100, defense of 84, and a wisdom of 202. Alternativly, the skill can be learned if the monster has already mastered Bounce and Tidal Wave.

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