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Psyche Up is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. Starting with Dragon Quest VIII, it was changed to increase tension by one level.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

All four player characters have Psyche Up as one of their basic commands. Psyche up will increase tension without fail to 50, but will then drop to only a 1/3rd chance to raise a character to 100 tension. For this reason, it is strongly advised to use the Timbrel of Tension in conjunction with this move during the end-game.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

This ability is learned with 16 skill points invested into their Focus skill.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Psyche Up appears as one of the Hero's down special moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, selectable from the Command Selection. When activated, it increases the Hero's knockback for his next attack and raises damage by 20%. Like in the main games, this bonus will only apply to a single move per use.

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