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Summon is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. It calls forth a spirit to assist in battle, adding an uncontrollable A.I. character whose stats and abilities are hidden from the player.


Dragon Quest VI & Dragon Quest VII[edit]

This skill is obtained by advancing to Rank 4 of the Sage vocation. It may only be used once per battle.

The following may be summoned, randomly chosen and depending on caster's level:

Spirit Level HP MP Attack Defence Agility Abilities
Tatron -- 200 50 180 150 80 Lightning, Midheal, Selflessness, Sweet Breath
Deago 30 300 60 210 160 120 Fang, Inferno, Oomph, Sweet Breath, Tongue Bashing
Samshin 35 450 40 250 190 150 Dragon Slash, Flame Slash, Lightning Slash, Hatchet Man, Undead Undoer, Kasap
Bazhoul 40 700 255 350 300 100 Disruptive Wave, Freezing Blizzard, Lightning Storm, Kaboom, Omniheal

That Special Summon[edit]

Clockwise from the left: Klashmi, Kamashki, Damniuni, Blamara

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In addition to the spirits listed above, a second set of higher powered summons can be called forth with.

Spirit Level HP MP Attack Defence Agility Abilities
Klashmi 10 1500 70 310 240 95 Fullheal, Jolly Rager, Magma Blast, Stomp, Gritty Ditty
Blamara 30 2000 90 340 240 115 Oomph, Falcon Slash, Hatchet Man, Multislice, Sword Dance, Cursed Verse
Kamashki 35 2200 -- 300 270 150 Death Dance, Muscle Dance, Fuddle Dance, Hustle Dance
Damniuni 40 3000 70 390 300 130 Omniheal, Boulder Toss, Forbearance, Pearly Gates, Pyre o' Fire