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Bazhoul is one of the four invokeable entities within the Summon skill, and is the most powerful by far.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bazhoul has the most consistent design of his set of summons, always appearing as a stern, muscular, Sage-like character in his late middle age years. His appearance in VI shows him wearing a kingly white robe, a large white cape, a golden crown that stems into two large horns from his temples, and carrying a gnarled staff set with a purple orb in its crook, while his VII design shows him wearing a white toga with blue pants, a white tiger skin cape, and the skull of a crocodile or nondescript dragon for a crown that masks his sage's tiara. Both versions show his hair being purple and his eyes being green.

An interview in the V-Jump guidebook for VI by Yuji Horii explains that Bazhoul is the spirit of an ancient king whose unparalleled magical might allowed him to unite nearly the entire world into an age of prosperity and peace before his passing.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Bazhoul is the highest tiered summon in the game and requires the caller to be at level 40 before he will appear. His HP is an impressive 700, his MP is 255, attack 350, defence 300, and his agility is 100. Bazhoul focuses almost exclusively on overwhelming offence in battle using Freezing Blizzard, Lightning Storm, and Kaboom to obliterate foes, with Omniheal to pitch in during more difficult bouts. His AI has excellent situational judgement, using Disruptive Wave only when an enemy is buffed up. Bazhoul's one weakness is that there is a low chance of him being asleep upon being summoned.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

Bazhoul once again requires his summoner to be level 40 or higher in order to appear. His HP is 800, MP 150, attack 300, defence 230, and agility is 100. His move list has been altered to exclusively focus on spells, casting Kacrackle, Kafrizzle, Kasizzle, Kaswoosh, and Multiheal, with access to the Sage's staff for free Midheals. As before, there is a small chance of him being asleep when summoned.

Dragon Quest Monsters & Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

Bazhoul is referred to as Bazoo in the localization provided by Eidos, and can be summoned with the BazooCall spell.

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