Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon is a recurring ability in the franchise. It slices all enemies with a spinning attack, dealing damage equal to a normal attack multiplied by (3/(Enemy number + 1)) in nearly every appearance.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In the remakes, Harvest Moon is one of the special abilities that Psaro has upon joining in Chapter 6.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Harvest Moon is learned by advancing to rank 7 of the Luminary vocation.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Harvest moon is learned by reaching rank 3 of the Luminary, rank 1 of the Druid, rank 8 of the Jawtoise, rank 3 of the Delusionist, rank 6 of the Dingbat, and rank 4 of the Slaughtomation vocations. The damage multiplier has been tweaked slightly, changing to (2/(Enemy number)) and needing 3 MP to perform.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Harvest Moon is a fisticuffs technique that both Jessica and Angelo can learn. It requires 45 skill points by Jessica, and 42 skill points by Angelo and both need 6 MP to use it. The multiplier changes back to (3/(Enemy number +1).

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Jade unlocks harvest moon for 6 points in her Fisticuffs panel. It costs 3 MP to use and deals 250% damage to bird monsters, 130% damage to all other types.

See Also[edit]

Miracle Moon, a superior, self-healing version of Harvest Moon found in titles developed by Level-5.