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Half-Inch is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. It tries to steal an item from the enemy.


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

This ability is learned with 10 skill points allocated into Acquisitiveness skill. The actual success rate is dependent on both the user's Deftness and the drop rate of the item, calculated as Steal Rate = (Drop Rate * 2)(1 + (Deftness – 51) / 474)

If the character is holding the Honor Among Thieves re-vocation medal, their chance to swipe an item will flat out double. This will not effect other calculations that use the deftness stat, however.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Erik can learn this ability by investing 8 skill points in the Guile panel of his character builder and costs 0 MP to use. Base steal rate is 16 and can be improved by the special effects of certain accessories as well as by 1% for every 20 points of Deftness. The maximum steal rate is 75%.

Gear Type Max steal boost
Brigand's mitts Accessory 1.95%
Dragon bandana Hat 1.8%
Erik's dagger Weapon 0.25%
Freebooter's bandana Hat 1.65%
Freebooter's bolero Armour 1.65%
Freebooter's gloves Accessory 2.8%
Gloomy gloves Accessory 1.25%
Guru's gloves Accessory 2.25%
Minister's mitts Accessory 2.8%
Murky mitts Accessory 1.95%
Robber Gloves Accessory 5.75%
stat & trait stack
Rogue's robes Armour 1.35%
Swindler's scarf Hat 0.9%
Swindler's stole Armour 0.6%
Swindler king's scarf Hat 1.8%
Swindler king's stole Armour 1.8%


Half-Inch is a Cockney English rhyming slang that means 'to steal (pinch)'.


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