Revocation Medals

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First appearing in Dragon Quest IX, the Revocation Medals are awards given to characters who opt to return to level 1 after reaching level 99 in their current class. These incredible insignias grant potent powers based on the theme of their respective vocation, ranging from passive effects to stat augmentation.


All medals can be equipped by any vocation, and each increases the wearer's style by +15. Only one of each can be in the party's inventory at a time.

Soldier's Medal[edit]

A Warrior's award that ups its wearer's attack power.

Boosts attack by +20, and defence by +3.

Lifesaving Medal[edit]

A Priest's prize that pumps up magical mending.

Increases magical mending by +50 and defence by +3.

Mager Achievement[edit]

A Mage's medal that maximizes magical might.

Increases magical might by +50 and defence by +3.

Mercury Prize[edit]

A Martial Artist's medal that improves its wearer's agility.

Increases agility by +120, and defence by +3.

Honour Among Thieves[edit]

A Thief's award that enhances the chances of successfully stealing.

Double the steal rate of Half-Inch, increases defence by +3.

Wear-With-All Award[edit]

A Minstrel's medal that allows you to equip the opposite sex's stuff.

Removes gender restrictions for non-sexy garments and armour, and boosts defence by +3.

Critical Acclaim[edit]

A Gladiator's medal that cranks up the chance of a critical hit.

Increases Critical Hit ratio by +4%, stacking with weapon bonus of +3%. Increases defence by +3.

Order Of Chivalry[edit]

A Paladin's decoration that drums up defence.

Increases defence by +20.

Combat Action Medal[edit]

An Armamentalist's medal that maxes the chance of a coup de grace.

Increases the chance of a Coup-de-Grace activating by +3%, and increases defence by +3.

Medal Of Freedom[edit]

A reward for Rangers that upgrades deftness when donned.

Increases deftness by +100, increases defence by +3.

Legion Of Merit[edit]

A Sage's medal that magnifies max MP.

Increases max MP by +60 and defence by +3.


An accolade for Luminaries that seriously supplements style.

Increases style by +50, stacks with the innate +15. Increases defence by +3.


  • Honour among Thieves refers to the notion that thieves will not compromise the activities of another thief.
  • The Mercury in mercury prize refers the Roman god of messengers, for whom the boost in agility is thematically appropriate.
  • Wherewithal is a term for financing and the ability to make use of it. In this sense, it refers to the expanded wardrobe one has once donned.
  • Even with the Wear-With-All Award, Carver's accolade is male only and Debroah's is female-exclusive.