List of acquisitiveness skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Acquisitiveness' skills are learned via the Thief class.


Sometimes steals an item from the target. Success rate depends on the character's Deftness and enemy's drop rates. Requires 8 skill points to learn.


Digs a dark pit that enemies and visiting friends can get stuck in, though the technique only works on the field. Requires 22 skill points to learn.

Nose for Treasure[edit]

Detects remaining red treasure chests on current floor. However, this does not detect any blue treasure chests, making it's usefulness extremely limited. Requires 42 skill points to learn.

Eye for Trouble[edit]

Adds extra information into the Battle Records for the monster's bestiary entry. This will fail if the target flees the battle. Requires 68 skill points to learn.

Treasure Eye Land[edit]

Locates and highlight any red treasure chests in the current area. This does not work on any blue treasure chests. In grottoes, this will mark the stairs to the next floor. Requires 100 skill points to learn and costs 2 mp to use.

Passive Bonuses[edit]

Fully maximizing the Acquisitiveness skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • +20 Deftness when 4 skill points are invested.
  • +20 Agility when 16 skill points are invested.
  • +20 HP when 32 skill points are invested.
  • +40 Deftness when 55 skill points are invested.
  • +40 Agility when 82 skill points are invested.
  • With the 'Thief's Theory' in inventory, a character has a chance of stealing an item after battle, similar to the use of thievery in older titles.