Hustle Dance

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Hustle Dance is a recurring dance ability in the franchise. It restores 70~80 HP to the party at no MP cost.


Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Hustle Dance is learned by advancing to rank 6 of the Luminary vocation. The dance also heals those resting in the wagon.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Same as VI in the PSX version, but also learned by reaching rank 3 of the Druid vocation in the 3DS remake. In the latter version the amount of HP restored has been nerfed to 50~60.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Jessica can perform the Hustle Dance after allocating 100 skill points into her "Sex Appeal" skill.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Hustle Dance can be performed by any character that has the Further Fanmanship (quest #76) item in their inventory.