Weird Whacker

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Weird Whacker is an ability that appears exclusively in Dragon Quest VII. It launches an attack that may fuddle the foe.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Weird Whacker is a hybrid ability that can be learned by advancing to rank 5 as a Warrior or Jester immediately after completing the other. It can also be learned by reaching rank 5 (PS1) or 8 (3DS) of the Slime vocation. In the original Sony PlayStation version, its range was dependent on what type of weapon the user had equipped. This meant that if the user had a whip or boomerang equipped, its range would increase to hit multiple enemies.

  • In the Nintendo 3DS version, hybrid abilities no longer exist and Weird Whacker is learned normally by mastering the Gadabout vocation. The range of the attack was changed to affect a group of enemies, as well.

It can be used by Orgodemir's third form during the final battle.

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