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Body Slam is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. Upon use, it attempts to reduce both the user and target's HP by around 80%. Be wary of using this skill, as the player will still take damage even if they miss their target.


Dragon Quest V[edit]

Body Slam is learned by several monster companions such as the Rockbomb. As the skill shares the same resistance tag with Kamikazee, only the Pink elephant, Blizzybody, Necromancer, Hades' helm, Hyperpyrexion, Mandrake marauder, Bomboulder, Moosifer, Balhib, Archdemon, Great dragon, Deathsquad, Mechan-o’-wyrm, Barbatos, Bilhaw, metal slimes, and boss monsters have any resistance or immunity at all.

Name Level
Fat rat --
Rotten apple --
Hades helm 5
Ticking timeburrm 5
Bomboulder 6
Rockbomb 10
Fandangow 25

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Body Slam is learned by Kingsley at level 10. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 6 of the Merchant vocation. Body Slam now uses the same resistance tag as Whack.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Body Slam has the same parameters as in the previous game, and can only be learned by Ruff at level 6, possibly due to fan criticism of the skill and the removal of the Merchant vocation. In the 3DS version, Body Slam can be learned by the Sailor vocation at the second rank.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

This ability is learned with 48 skill points invested into Courage skill. It is very useful for Quests that require a character to be at low health, giving it some added functionality.