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The Deathcargot is a gastropod introduced in Dragon Quest VII. It is one of the first monsters the party can encounter when they first gain access to a ship.


Slimey, slippery hard shelled sea snails that stick themselves to the side of seafaring ships for some unknown reason, surprising those fresh out on the ocean by attacking with its freakish expanding mollusk mouth. Green skinned and under the protection of a humongous dual horned shell, the deathcargot rolls at enemies spike first in an attempt to crush them, even being able to hide in the horned shell to defend from adventurers' attacks. Surprisingly, they can also sling a magical shard of ice with the Crack spell.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Deathcargot (つのうしがい Tsunou shigai) DQVII Logo.png
Sprite HP MP Attack Defense
Hornsnail.gif 32 4 20 21
Agility Experience Gold Tame Rate
8 12 (PS1)
8 (PS1)
12 (3DS)
Bestiary No. 221
Spell(s) Crack
Skill(s) Body Slam
Defending Champion
Location(s) Ocean
Wetlock (during the flood)
Cave to Another World (water area)
Item(s) Dropped Medicinal herb164
Evasion Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Fire Breath Resistance *
0% 0% 0% 0%
Bang Resistance * Crack Resistance * Ice Breath Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
0% 0% 0% 25%
Strike/Rock Resistance * Zap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance * Whack Resistance *
0% 0% 15% 0%
Poof Resistance * Poison Resistance * Burning Breath Resistance Fuddle Resistance *
80% 0% 80% 15%
Snooze Resistance * Dazzle Resistance * Fizzle Resistance * Ban Dance Resistance
15% 0% 50% 100%
Stun Resistance * Sap Resistance * Army Resistance *
15% 0% 0%
3DS version changes


The name originates from escargot, a popular dish in France and Spain consisting of cooked snail meat.

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