Seasaur (vocation)

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The Seasaur is a monster class available in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Seasaur is a massive Elasmosaurus that feeds on sailors. This monster class offers a moderate increase to strength and Max HP and moderate to severe drops to all other categories.


To become a Seasaur, the character needs to master the Nostso Macho, Lips, and Jawtoise classes. A Seasaur heart can also be obtained in battle by fighting the species in the Ocean and the Cathedral of Blight but only the path available when using the Water Amulet.

Upon mastering the class, characters will receive a weak resistance to fire breath, ice breath, and sap, as well as a strong resistance to woosh and all other status ailments aside from poison, which they become immune to.

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 200
Strength +15%
Agility Null
Resilience -10%
Wisdom -20%
Style -30%
Max HP +10%
Max MP -20%
Mastery Bonus +15 Bonus to Strength


Level Title
Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Drip
Nothing 0
2 Puddle-Jumper
Chilly Breath 13 All Enemies Causes ~55 HP in ice damage 0
3 Paddler
Nothing 26
4 Wader
Body Slam 52 One Enemy Reduces the user and the enemy to 20% HP if successful 0
5 Swimmer
Nothing 83
6 Diver
Inferno 130 All Enemies Causes ~70 HP in fire damage 0
7 Deep-sea Diver
Nothing 150
8 Lord of the Ocean
Freezing Blizzard 200 All Enemies Causes ~130 HP in ice damage 0


  • Two of the accolades in the PlayStation version are named after legendary sea monsters:
    • A Kraken is a giant cephalopod from Scandinavian folklore.
    • Leviathan is a biblical sea serpent mentioned in the Book of Job. In modern demonology, Leviathan is associated with the sin of envy.