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The Traveller's Tablets are items presented in the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.


Each tablet is presented by a new recruit for The Haven. Each tablet sends The Party to an area with a particular monster (sometimes more than one) and several items, as well as a boss version of a particular monster.

The rewards in Tablets generally consist of of the following items which vary depending on the difficultly of the monster(s) present and consist of:

The early tablets have their own level caps for the Vocation training, while later ones lack such.

After certain conditions are met, custom made tablets will become available. Each one can have a total of three particular monsters (whether they're each distinctively different or multiple copies of the same monster), as well as two additional monsters that follow the first one in the bestiary.

The items within are the same as listed above, plus more if the Level of the lead monster is higher (done by sharing with other players online). Additional items within:

All custom made tablets lack a level cap regardless of the monsters used.

Available Tablets[edit]

Name of Tablet Requirement Presented by Level cap Enemy/Enemies Boss Reward upon 1st completion
Slimetree Forest Save Regenstein in the past. Phlegmrique
(Pilchard Bay: Pier)
20 Slime Slime Super seed of life
Woebegone Cave Save Regenstein in the past. Gene
(Estard: Inn 2F)
20 Woebergine Woebergine Super pretty betsy
Kingfisher Colloquy Save Regenstein: in the past. Fuchsia
(Ballymolloy: Elder House 2F)
20 Kingfuchsia Kingfuchsia Super seed of agility
Demon's Dome Save Faraday in the past. Goyldon
(Emberdale: Tavern)
25 Babygoyle Babygoyle Super seed of wisdom
Heavy Metal Hole Save Greenthumb Gardens in the past. Axel
(Frobisher: Inn)
25 Axassin Axassin Super seed of resilience
Magooma Mountain Save Alltrades Abbey in the past. Drake
(La Bravoure: Inn 1F)
25 Drake slime Drake slime Super seed of life
Blimpton Save Alltrades Abbey in the past. Zeppelina
(Pilgrim's Rest: Casino Tavern)
25 Zepling Zepling Super pretty betsy
Crockery Crag Save Gröndal in the past. Nevile
(Al-Balad: Pot in the center of town)
99 Vile vial Vile vial Super seed of magic
Nailbiter's Nook Save Gröndal in the past. Neil
(Gröndal: Inn 1F)
99 Nail blighter Nail blighter Super seed of strength
Return to Slimetree Forest Save El Ciclo in the past. Mercuria
(El Ciclo: Clocktower 3F)
99 Metal slime
Metal slime Super seed of agility
Heights of Machismo Save Nottagen in the past. Mac
(The Likeness: East of the entrance)
99 Notso macho Notso macho Super seed of strength
Boobytrap Bluff Save Nottagen in the past. Mick
(Wetlock: Storage basement in the Tower)
99 Mimic
Mimic Super seed of magic
Heroes' Grotto Save Buccanham in the past. Kuistian
(Aeolus Vale: Church)
99 Pip fighter
Conkuistador Super seed of resilience
Seahorse Spinney Save Buccanham in the past. Quaynan
(Small Bridge Near Providence)
99 Quayhorse Quayhorse Super seed of agility
Oozantium Awaken the spirits of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. Goolio
(Tower in the casino of Buccanham)
99 Slime
Drake slime
Metal slime
Emperor slime Super seed of magic

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