List of spells in Dragon Quest VII

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Spell MP Cost Target Info Vocations
Sizz 4 1 Group Does ~20HP in flame damage Mage Lv1
Snooze 3 1 Group Puts a group of enemies to sleep Mage Lv2
Zoom 1 Field Return to previously visited locations Mage Lv3
Absorb Magic 2 Self Absorb the MP of an incoming spell Mage Lv3 (3DS)
Evac 8 Field Exit instantly from dungeons, caves, etc. Mage Lv4
Sap 3 1 Enemy Reduces the defense of a single enemy Mage Lv4
Frizzle 4 1 Enemy Does ~80HP in flame damage Mage Lv5, Barbatos Lv6
Boom 8 All Enemies Does ~60HP in explosion damage Mage Lv6, Barbatos Lv1
Dazzle 3 (PSX), 5 (3DS) 1 Group Envelops a group of enemies in a group of illusions Mage Lv6, Draguar Lv2
Sizzle 6 1 Group Does ~40HP in flame damage Mage Lv7
Crackle 5 1 Group Does ~50HP in ice damage Mage Lv8
Poof 1 1 Group Banishes 1 group of enemies from battle Priest Lv1
Heal 2 1 Ally Restores at least 30HP to a single ally Priest Lv1, Shepherd Lv3, Kingfuchsia Lv2, Healslime Lv2
Woosh 2 1 Group Does ~15HP in wind damage Priest Lv2, Draguar Lv1
Buff 2 1 Ally Raises the defense of a single ally Priest Lv3, Jawtoise Lv2
Fizzle 3 1 Group Has a chance of preventing one group of enemies from casting spells Priest Lv4, Malevolantern Lv1
Midheal 4 1 Ally Restores at least 75HP to a single ally Priest Lv5, Armamentalist Lv1 (3DS)
Swoosh 4 1 Group Does ~30HP in wind damage Priest Lv6, Sailor Lv7, Armamentalist Lv2 (3DS)
Fullheal 6 1 Ally Restores an ally to full HP Priest Lv7
Zing 8 1 Ally Has the chance of restoring one fallen ally with half their Max HP Priest Lv8
Tingle 2 All Allies Cures all party members of paralysis, sleep and other ailments Sailor Lv3 (3DS), Sailor Lv6 (PSX)
Squelch 2 1 Ally Cures a single ally of the effects of poison Shepherd Lv2, Pirate Lv1
Storeyteller 2 Field Reveals which level of a building or dungeon the user is on Thief Lv6
Safe Passage 2 Field Allows the party to pass unscathed over potentially perilous ground Thief Lv2 (3DS), Pirate Lv4 (PSX)
Peep 2 Field Reveals the nature of the treasure in a chest Thief Lv4 (3DS)
Snoop 2 Field Locates hidden curiosities Thief Lv5 (3DS), Pirate Lv5 (PSX)
Holy Protection 4 Field A holy aura that keeps weaker monsters away Thief Lv7 (3DS), Troubadour Lv5 (PSX)
Bounce 4 1 Ally Builds a barrier that reflects all spells Armamentalist Lv1
Bazoom 8 1 Enemy Removes one enemy from battle Armamentalist Lv6 (PSX), Hero Lv4 (3DS)
Kabuff 3 All Allies Raises the defense of all party members Armamentalist Lv3 (3DS), Sage Lv4, Monster Master Lv2, Champion Lv5, Hero Lv1
Insulatle 3 All Allies Protects the party from fire and ice attacks Armamentalist Lv3 (3DS), Sage Lv2, Monster Master Lv3 (3DS), Druid Lv1 (3DS), Hero Lv1 (3DS), Gripevine Lv5
Oomph 6 1 Ally Doubles a single party member's attack power Armamentalist Lv4, Sage Lv2, Pirate Lv6, Paladin Lv6, Champion Lv5, Hero Lv1, Druid Lv1