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The Coral Cave (formerly Coral Lake Cave) is an underwater dungeon that appears in Dragon Quest VII.


The party first journeys through the Coral Cave when they reach the Pool of Piety. There, they meet a member of the Holy Order of the Almighty, whose duty is to find the ruins where the Almighty sleeps. He informs the party that they can reach the Altar of Arrival and the Divine Shrine if they possess a Sacred Stone, which they received in Aeolus Vale. The lotus flower found behind the Pool of Piety transports the party to the underwater cave. Ruff is shocked to discover that the party can somehow breathe underwater after trying in vain to hold his breath. After they reach land, the party finds the Altar of Arrival, which takes them to the Divine Shrine by holding the Sacred Stone aloft.

While at the shrine, the party journeys into the past by placing Mysterious Fragments at the pedestal there, and they reach the Pool of Piety. Once again, they traverse through the Coral Cave in order to make it to the Altar of Arrival. The true purpose of their visit is to fully restore the Divine Shrine. There is a pair of ghosts that can be encountered at the Coral Cave who were victims of the Demon King. Once the player defeats Orgodemir at the Malign Shrine, they give the party a Mysterious Fragment as a gift.

The Hero finds out later that the reason he and the party are able to traverse the underwater cave due to the Water Mark inherited from the Water Spirit.

There is also a monster in the present who looks identical to Gracos. He laments his monstrous appearance and is trying to find a way to change it somehow. If the party visits King Scoober and explains the monster's predicament, he will grant the monster his wish. The monster will give the party a Mysterious Fragment after speaking with King Scoober.





Outside monsters[edit]



(After the Demon King's resurrection)

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