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(For the resident of Mostroferrato and friend of Nera Briscoletti in Dragon Quest V, see Crispin Burns.)

Crispin is a character in Dragon Quest VII. He is a resident of Hubble in the present day and is a popular Torban player.


Warning: Spoilers
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After being aided by The Hero, Maribel and Ruff in the past of Wetlock, Old Man Riffer decided that his skills as a Torban player needed to be taught to someone so that the Roamers would still have one who is an expert with the instrument.

His goal is successful all the way up to the present with Crispin who lives with his tutor in Hubble.

The Hero and Party meet Crispin in Hubble after saving the Region in the past, observing that he is well regarded for his skills with the Torban. Later upon revisiting, they hear about his decision to play the Torban in a lighthearted fashion during a funeral which earned him disrespect from the populace and being kicked out of his home.

He falls into a bit of depression and refuses to play a Torban, even when a contest is held to find the Legendary Torban Player.

Upon the defeat of Orgodemir, the Torban contest commences at the entrance of the Grand Conjuratorium. Crispin ends up competing, though plays poorly. He is given another chance when encouraged by his tutor who agrees to be executed if his student doesn't perform well. His second chance pays off, confirming him to be the one to join The Party in restoring The Almighty. As he qualifies for a reward for his playing, Crispin requests for Queen Euphonia to make sure his tutor lives in comfort.

After giving a goodbye to his tutor, Crispin, along with The Party make their way from the Roamer Encampment to the Poolside Cave. Once the group drains the lake with the Chimes of the Chosen, he and Aishe (whom he tend to trade quips with) do their respective job and seem to succeed at waking the one who is The Almighty.

As the heavenly father permits everyone to return to their homes to celebrate, Rom Baro teleports The Party to the Shrine of Mysteries. From there, Crispin leaves to return to Hubble. He returns later during the celebration to inform The Hero to head to Estard, and stays in Pilchard Bay to perform and to stay until catching a ship with Pollock.