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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VII
DQVII Borkano.png
Japanese Name ボルカノ
Rōmaji Borukano
Title Fisherman
Race Human
Family Pike (brother)
Pearl (wife)
Hero (son)

Pollock (ボルカノ, Borukano, formerly Borkano) is the hero's father in Dragon Quest VII.


Pollock is an incredibly muscular older man with tanned skin, a square jaw, short black hair, and a full beard. His appearance and personality are completely at odds with his younger brother. He wears a loose grey tunic with a leather belt around his waist that has a red cloth hanging from it, grey shorts, and leather shoes.

He is a talented fisherman, upon whose skill the kingdom of Estard relies for stability. Pollock has a brother, Pike, that nobody in the village speaks very highly of. He is known for being very dependable, but he can be stubborn, as Mayor Mayde states that once he makes up his mind, he will change it for no one. His years as a captain of a fishing boat have earned him the loyalty of his men. He has a boisterous personality and is well-liked by the people of Pilchard Bay and Estard. Pilchard sandwiches are his favorite food, and he never sets off on a fishing trip without one.

In contrast to King Donald and Maribel's parents, both Pollock and his wife are quite supportive of the Hero's adventuring. Although he wants his son to follow in his footsteps someday as a fisherman, he also understands the importance of forging one's own path in the world. At the end of the game, Pollock finally relents and allows both the Hero and Maribel to accompany him on a fishing trip.


As the game begins, Pearl wakes up the hero and tells him to deliver a pilchard sandwich to his father, who is somewhere down by the jetty in Pilchard Bay. Pollock then sets sail for other waters, believing that the fish have traveled elsewhere. When he returns, he brings back a piece of a tablet that was snagged in one of his nets. He gives it to his son.

Later in the story, Pollock disappears on a fishing trip when the islands are resealed by the Demon King, but he is eventually found by Sharkeye and the crew of the Sea Dragon.


Pollock's name in the original Japanese version is Volcano. A pollock is the common name of two species of North Atlantic fish in the genus Pollachius. It is an important species to fisheries.