Gracos V

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Gracos V is an optional boss in the game Dragon Quest VII.

#288 - Gracos V
HP MP Experience Gold
1500 100 1950 940
Attack Defense Speed
Locations Ocean
Skills Beat Down (party)
Ice Air
Poison Fog
Spells Snowstorm
Family Aquatics
Bestiary # 288
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Gracos V is a descendant of the original Gracos. Because humans killed his ancestor many years ago, he has a deep seated hatred of humans. However, he is more of an isolationist, preferring to live his life without trying to destroy the world and staying away from the world of humans. Gracos V is a bit of a dishonorable coward, as he resorts to begging for mercy when defeated. He is not without gratitude, however, as Gracos V will grant the Hero with valuable rewards as thanks for sparing him.


This is an optional boss fight, meaning that the player does not have to defeat Gracos V in order to advance the game. However, if they do not, they will not be able to get a chance to add his entry into the Monster Book, thereby disqualifying them from gaining the Gospel Ring. In the original PS1 version, the player has until defeating Orgodemir the first time to defeat Gracos V, otherwise he will give up his treasures without a battle. In the 3DS remake, he can be battled at any time. It is preferable to wait until the player has gained some levels and mastered more classes before tackling Gracos V after defeating Gracos.

Gracos V is a step up from Gracos. He attacks harder and uses the devastating Snowstorm spell, which can annihilate a low level party. He can also breathe a powerful Ice Air and spew a Poison Fog as well. Finally, he can beat down the party.

Using Barrier, Wool Guard and any skill that lessens ice damage is a godsend. Furthermore, using Upper or Increase lowers physical damage. Stay away from ice based attacks and spells. And don't bother with Sap or Surround as he is completely immune. Wind Beast does good damage and so does Stampede.


For defeating Gracos V, the player gets a ? Shard and the Gracos V entry in the Monster Book. If he is not defeated in Disc 1, the player still gets the ? Shard, but later in the game.

In Disc 2, visiting Gracos V nets the player the Demon Spear, capable of instantly killing one enemy regardless of remaining HP.

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