Jolly Rager

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As implied by its nomenclature, Jolly Rager is a skill associated with the Pirate vocation. Similar to Tidal Wave and Maelstrom, it uses the woosh attribute for resistance checks when cast by players and carries no element when used by monsters.


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

Jolly Rager is learned upon reaching rank 3 of the Pirate vocation in both versions of VII, and it deals 50~70 damage to an enemy group for no MP. Though superior to Tidal Wave because of its damage range and ability to be used anywhere, it is inferior to Thin Air. Similar to Maelstrom, the only way to reduce the skill's damage is to wear either the Bottlenose buckler or Aeras shield.

Due to the removal of Tidal Wave in the 3DS version of VII, monsters that used that skill use Jolly Rager instead. Their damage range has been reduced to Tidal Wave's original 30~40, effectively making it a mere cosmetic change.

It can be used by the enemies Rashers, Shelligator, and the Water Spirit.


The Jolly Roger is a real life term for the flag flown on pirate vessels even in modern times. Its most popular depiction shows a skull with crossed femurs.