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A privateer who's at his best when doing battle on the high seas. A master of both attack and defence. --Description from Dragon Quest VII

The Pirate (海賊, pirate) is one of the intermediate vocations available in Dragon Quest VII. Keeping with the title's nautical theme, they embody the ferocity and unpredictability of the seven seas.


The pirate is toughened by the high seas and a life of banditry, marooning monsters with salty skills and plundering items after battle. The pirate combines the skills of a Sailor and a Thief and requires mastery of both to unlock. Pirates are unique among VII's vocation in that they possess two traits: becoming highly resistant to Maelstrom and more prone to pilfer as they advance in rank.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 200 (PS1) / 166 (3DS)
Strength +10%
Agility +10%
Resilience +20%
Wisdom -10%
Style Null
Max HP +5%
Max MP -10%
Mastery Bonus +15 Bonus to Agility
Rank Resistance Rate
1 204/256
2 204/256
3 204/256
4 179/256
5 179/256
6 179/256
7 153/256
8 50%
Rank Steal Rate
1 100%
2/3/4 400%
5/6/7 625%
8 800%

PSX Abilities[edit]

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 ShipWreck Antidote 1 One Ally Cures one ally of poison 2
2 Barnacle FairWind 20 Self Reflects fire and ice breath once 0
3 Swab Hurricane 50 One group Causes ~60HP in wind damage to one group of enemies 0
4 Cutthroat StepGuard 80 Field Protects the party from swamp and trap damage on the field 2
5 Buccaneer MapMagic 110 Field Makes hidden treasure sparkle on the screen 2
6 Smuggler StrongD 140 Self Reduces damage to 90 percent for one turn 0
7 Marauder CoralRain 170 All Enemies Causes ~90HP damage 8
8 Sea Dog Whirlpool 200 One Group Causes ~140HP in wind damage 12

3DS Abilities[edit]

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info 'MP
1 Bilge Rat Squelch 1 One Ally Cures a single ally of the effects of poison. 2
2 Deck Swabber Jolly Rager 16 (17) One Group Summons a staggering storm that smashes into a group of enemies. 0
3 Scurvy Dog Coral Grief 24 (41) All Enemies Whirling swirls of coral-filled water cut into all enemies at once. 8
Backdraft Self Whips up a tailwind that bounces breath attacks back at the enemy. 0
4 Salty Seadog Defending Champion 24 (65) Self Greatly reduces the damage infliced by physical attacks. 0
Thin Air All Enemies Summons a sea of vacuum vortexes to savagely slice into the enemy. 0
5 Buccaneer Kaswoosh 24 (89) One Group A twister that terrorises a group of enemies. 8
Lifeboat All Allies A vestal vessel floats your crew up and out of harm's way. 10
6 Swashbuckler Kamikazee 24 (113) All Enemies Go out with a bang...and have a blast doing it! 1
Oomph One Ally Doubles a single party member's attack power. 6
7 Dread Pirate Maelstrom 24 (137) One Group Whips up a group of enemies into an enormous whirlpool. 12
8 Scourge of the Sea Sword Dance 30 (167) All Enemies Attacks enemies randomly with successive sword slashes. 2

Notable Pirates[edit]