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A seasoned seafarer whose abilities come into their own in watery surroundings. --Description from Dragon Quest VII

The Sailor (船乗り, Funanori) is a vocation that is exclusive to the game Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.


The sailor is an experienced and hardy warrior of the sea. They will learn some travel spells that will be useful on the high seas. In battle, the sailor can utilize learn sea-based techniques. They will also be resistant to sea-based skills like Tsunami. After mastering this class, the Sailor can become a Pirate, provided that they have also mastered the Thief class.

Stat Changes[edit]

DQVII Sailor.png
Statistics Change
Battles to Master 135 (PS1)/83 (3DS)
Strength Null
Agility +5%
Resilience +10%
Wisdom -10%
Style Null
Max HP +15%
Max MP -20%
Rank Resistance Rate
1 100%
2 100%
3 100%
4 100%
5 100%
6 100%
7 205/256
8 205/256

PS1 Abilities[edit]

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Beginner Nothing 0
2 Novice Fishnet 14 One Enemy If successful, prevents enemy from acting the next turn 0
3 Deckhand Body Slam 25 One Enemy Reduces user and enemy to 20% HP if successful 0
4 Seafarer Eye for Distance 43 Field When cast, finds the nearest town 0
5 Navigator nothing 60
6 Helmsman Tingle 75 All Allies When cast, removes paralysis from allies 2
7 Captain Swoosh 95 One Group Causes 30-40 HP in Wind Damage 4
8 Admiral Tsunami 135 All Enemies If successful, causes ~65 HP in Water Damage 0

3DS Abilities[edit]

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Swabbie Net Loss 1 One Enemy Snares an enemy in a fisherman's net, making them miss a turn. 0
2 Cabin Boy Body Slam 5 One Enemy A body blow that deals damage to both slammer and slamee. 0
3 Rigger Tingle 7 All Allies Cures all party members of paralysis, sleep and other ailments. 2
Hornpipe One Group A merry jig so infectious, it'll cause jiving enemies to miss a turn. 0
4 Mate Mean Sweep 9 One Enemy Adds insult to injury by knocking a damaged enemy off their feet. 0
5 Bosun Zzz Shanty 10 One group A sleep-inducing song that will set a group of enemies snoring. 0
6 First Mate Stone's Throw 10 One Group Hurls rocks at a single group of enemies. 0
7 Ship's Captain Swoosh 12 One Group A whirlwind that wallops a group of enemies. 4
8 Commodore Lightning 30 All Enemies Calls down lightning to strike all enemies. 0

Hybrid Abilities[edit]

Hybrid Learns Target Info MP
Bard WaveSong One Group Causes one group to fall asleep 0
Priest HolyAura All Allies Prevents allies from being damaged. However, they can't attack 10
Dancer ShipDance One Enemy If successful, prevents one enemy from acting the next turn 0
Martial artist BigTrip One Enemy Damages the enemy and prevents them from acting the next turn 0
Mage Lightning All Enemies Causes ~40 HP in Electric Damage 0
Warrior BirdSlash One Enemy Causes 25% percent extra damage to Floating enemies, regular damage to all others 0


The Sailor learns Tingle, which is somewhat useful when the player reaches Wetlock. Lightning is also useful for clearing small fry. However, if the player should want a Sailor, make sure to master the Thief class as well.